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Do you know what the thing that can fly is?  Well, it is the SPACE SHUTTLE to learn about what it is, the history, and how it works.

What a space shuttle is.

What the space shuttle is.   According to Wheeler, Tom a space shuttle was made to take astronauts to and from earth. The first space shuttle to launch was in 1981 by NASA. The space shuttle is so cool.


How much it coast.  According to NASA The Space Shuttle Endeavor was made to replace a different space shuttle. It casts about $1.7 billion. ItŐs like buying 13 or more cars.

History of the space shuttle.

This paragraph is about what the word ŇhybridÓ means.  According to Julia Layton, the word hybrid means two of anything.  So, something that has TWO power sources is a hybrid.  That's why we call cars that use gas and electricity hybrids.  ItŐs like making a toast and running a car.


This paragraph is about some examples of hybrids, which are NOT cars.  According to Julia Layton, some examples of non-car hybrids are trains, buses, and submarines.  The trains and the buses use diesel fuel and electricity.  The submarines use nuclear power and electricity. It is so cool.


This paragraph is about what a hybrid car is.  According to, a hybrid car has two sources of power.  First, it has a gasoline engine.  Second, it has an electric motor. [Add Flavor].


How the space shuttle works.

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 Wheeler, Tom

Messages to Outer Space

May 10, 2010

If you get within three football fields of a Space Shuttle launch youŐll be fried by the heat. Even beyond that distance the sound will kill you.



Helpful Herod

Who invented the first space shuttle Columbia?

May 10, 2010

George MuellerŐs label as the father of the space shuttle.


Bibliography - 1


Space Shuttle and International Space Station

May 10, 2010

The space shuttle is $1.7. Cool.




How high can the Space Shuttle go?

May 10, 2010

Well, space shuttles can go to about 200-250 miles from earth.












The Cargo Bay



May 20, 2010



The first Space Shuttle, name Columbia, took off into space on April 12, 1981.