By Forrest Gump


What is the point of space travel??? Why go to space??? How much does going to space cost??? How does it work??? What is space travel??? What kind of history is there of space??? What about NASA??? Read my report to get the answers and more!

What it is

Why is space travel so important?  According to ID1173016654 ( Because we can move to another planet if we need to.

What is the name of the Russian space agency? According to, The Russian Federal Space Agency is called Федеральное космическое агентство России Federal'noye kosmicheskoye agentstvo Rossii, but it is commonly referred to as Pockocmoc Roskosmos. That is a very long name. (That is pockocmoc roskosmosŐs logo)

What is a space station? According to Wikipedia, A space station is a structure designed so people can live and work in space for a while. The NASA space station was a large success along with other space stations.

Astronauts. What do astronauts eat?? According to Cathy Jordan, They eat a lot of the stuff we can eat it seems. They freeze dry it so they can eat it. Why do astronauts need space suits?? According to, because they would die if they didn't wear them. Space is a vacuum and it is cold, has radiation, and no air. Space suits have air, warmth and protection from radiation.


When did the first space shuttle launch? According to Acylone (wikianswers) the Columbia was launched on April 12, 1981. This is just the first space shuttle, not the first spacecraft. A shuttle is re-launchable, not all spacecraft are.

What was the name of the first space ship? According to wikipdia, the first manned spacecraft was named Vostok. But according to Wikipedia (different page) the first satellite was Sputnik 1, Sputnik 1 was the first thing to go into space, but Vostok was the first manned spacecraft

Who was the first person in space? According to NASA, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. (Yuri Gagarin is on the left)

Why did they start space travel? According to wikipedia, they started it to advance scientific research, uniting nations, future of humanity, and military and strategic advantages. From what I know, the military part is working because they can search for stuff by satellite.

When was the first pressurized space suit invented? According to mark wade, The first full pressure space suit was made it 1934.

Who built the first space ship?  According to wikipedia, the Russians built and launched the first manned space ship. What a feat!

What was the name of the old soviet space program? According to wikipedia, The soviet space group is called The Soviet space program. They launched the first satellite Spudnik 1. That shocked the world because it was in the height of the Cold War.




How it works

How much does it cost? According to campbelp2002( $30,000,000 from the Russian space group. NASA hasn't allowed any regular people to ride on the Shuttle since Sharon Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher to fly in space, was killed in the Challenger explosion. That is a lot of money!


How does space travel work? They must get into orbit by launching, going up, maneuvers, the mission, and then coming back. That is a lot of stuff to remember.




Where does NASA launch? According to, NASA launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida. They launch a lot of space shuttles!

Where does NASA get funding? According to sparkle M, They get it from taxes and government grants and stuff. They get a ton of money.

 When did NASA start? According to grevillea (, NASA started on July 29th 1958. That was a long time ago!

Who started NASA? According to wikipedia, Dwight D. Eisenhower founded NASA in 1958. He was probably rich.

Will NASA go to mars soon? According to Nancy Atkinson, Not as far as has been released, but possibly. Mars would cost a lot of money to go to!

Where is NASA headquarters? According to ID1276423416 (wikianswers), the headquarters of NASA is in D.C.




So there are some answers to questions you may have had. I told you about NASA, how space travel works, and some space history.