Total Demolition Machine

By: Snappy Happy Wolf


Retreat, Retreat! We need more backup! Bring in the tanks! BOOM, BANG! Have you ever wondered what our military is doing out there, do you ever guess what they are thinking? Do you ever wonder what kind of weapons they are using? Well in this report you will learn about why the tanks are only for the military, about what the tank is, and the history of the tank. So prepare to be amazed!

What is a tank?

This paragraph is all about why the tank was invented for the military and not for normal people.  According to anonymous, we donÕt use tanks for normal people because they have huge guns on them, make loud noise, and when they did a practice with tanks in some woods they totally trashed the forest and ended up killing a whole lot of animals, IÕm so glad I wasnÕt there.


Why was the tank even invented? According to anonymous, the tank was invented for front line combat and made very special so they could withstand a lot of force and so that they could shoot really far and explode a lot of stuff. That would also be really bad so never mind.

How far can a Bradley tank shoot?  According to Cha Cha answer, the Bradley tank can shoot up to 200 meters, that is really far, I mean really far, like really, really far! 200 meters is longer then 5 cars of a small size.

What is the history of the tank?

Why do we need the military tanks?  According to Alex, Dan & Williams, Kyle. We need to have tanks so that we can navigate through obstacles and be able to survive the freaky machine gun. So we can sit in the tank and not have to worry about getting blasted and injured super badly or even killed by a machine gun or other kinds of guns. I think thatÕs pretty cool.



What were tanks originally made for? According to anonymous, tanks were made and were used in combat by the British people during World War 1 to drive over ditches and not get destroyed and were invented so that they could get into the middle of the war and not get badly injured, or killed. That was pretty smart, I think.


Who first used the tank? According to anonymous, Tanks were first used in war by the British during the World War1. They were not as cool as they are now, the first tank could not shoot bullets. It was really weird and huge and actually had wheels.

What does the tank look like?

How many colors can a tank be?  According to my friend, a tank can be any color that you paint it, but usually the tank is either a light tan or a deep dark green, they are these colors to disguise it, think you could go into the woods, bump into a tank and not even know it! Ha ha, you probably would notice it but you might not see it at first!


Why donÕt tanks have wheels?  According to wiki answers, the tank does not have wheels, actually it has these little traction thingies, and it turns out that these different kinds of wheels actually makes the tank have better traction, and be able to cross ditches, bet ya didnÕt know that!


Well folks, sorry that we are at the end but you know, all good things have to come to an end. I hope most of your questions were answered, if not well then, sorry but you know, like I said, all good things have to come to an end.



                                    THE END