-The great Fighter jet bum bub dddaa


By Otter-Pop


Did you know that the F-13 fighter jet was never made or how much you can by a fighter jet well I know and so can you just read my report. Learn about buying a fighter jets, the history about fighter jets, and how it works.

Buying One

This paragraph is about where you can buy a fighter jet and how much it will cost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-35_Lightning_II. A fighter jet can cost 15-35 million and more that is a lot of cash for a great boomer. You can buy them at eBay but I think there a big rip-off.


This paragraph is about who was the first female African American to fly a fighter and the first one to make a fighter jet. http://www.ellsworth.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123091845  The first African American to fly a fighter jet was Shawn, Rochelle, Kimberly. When she was only in forth grade she wanted to hit it to the sky big dream for a little girl I know. 



How it Works

This paragraph is about how big the first fighter jet was.  The first fighter jet was 15000 meters about 33000to 49000 ft tall wow that is probably the size of me a thousand times on top of each other.  

This is about how fast the first fighter plane could go. The first fighter plane could fly about 460 km/h which is over 200 mph.that is really fast for a fighter plane in 1936.



And that is why it was good to read my report so now you know what I know now you are smart about the fighter jet.:]