Do a Little “Walkie” while you “Talkie”

By GiggleMuffin


Have you ever wanted to talk while you walk, but you don’t want to have to choose between MILLIONS and BILLIONS of different wireless companies?  And on top of that, you don’t want to keep on charging them again and again, and AGAIN!!!  You’re like me and you should know who to thank for the walkie-talkies.  You can go MILES and MILES away from a person and not have a bad connection.  You can also play some fun tricks with them.  You could put one in the bathroom, and when someone goes into the bathroom, you can say, “BOO!” or, “What’ya doin’?” but I’m not here to “talkie” about that.  I’m here to talk about why you should get walkie-talkies and other fun information.  There’s information about what it is, the History of it, how it works, and Other Information.  If you don’t read this, you’ll DIE of having to keep on charging your cell phone.  Hope you enjoy!

What it is

This paragraph is about what walkie-talkie has the highest range and what the best brand of walkie-talkies is.  According to Lee H and JayD, The Company "Cobra" makes some interesting Family Radio Service (FRS) "walkie talkies."  there are some kind of "voice encrytion" or "scrambling" and also a call button that "rings" the other like a phone on them.  The range is about 3 to 6 miles depending on weather and obstacles. Marine radios have the longest range.  I would buy ANYTHING from Cobra.  It’s a cool name.

This paragraph is about what the official definition of walkie-talkie is.  According to, A handheld tansciever A.K.A walkie talkie is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver.  It's development during World War II has been variously credited to Donald L. Hings, radio engineer Alfred J. Gross, and engineering teams at Motorola.  Major characteristics include a half-duplex channel (only one radio transmits at a time, though any number can listen) and a push-to-talk (P.T.T) switch that starts transmission.  I think handheld transceiver is a little too formal.  I like WALKIE-TALKIE a LOT better. J

This paragraph is about what they use walkie-talkies in school for and what the use walkie-talkies for period.  According to, Simone Icough and, Walkie Talkies help to speed up the communication process in case of emergencies.  I bet they use it for fires a lot. J They can be used in theme parks, skiing resorts, hiking or camping trips, or even just around the house as an easy-to-us intercom.  I think it would be fun to talk to someone on a rollercoaster.


This paragraph is about when the walkie-talkie was invented, who invented it, and where.  According to Keegan, Guy Cramer, They were originally invented by Mr. Al Gross.  They were invented in 1938. The VERY FIRST walkie-talkie was made in Canada.  WOW!!! I’m part Canadian!  I might be related to Mr. Al Gross!

This paragraph is about why the walkie-talkie is popular. According to, the walkie-talkie is popular because of the U.S. Family Radio Service (FRS) and similar unlicensed services (such as Europe's PMR446 and Australia's UHF CB) in other countries.  FRS walkie-talkies are also sometimes used as toys because mass-production makes them low cost. They have proper super heterodyne receivers and are a useful communication tool for both business and personal use.  

This paragraph is about why they named it walkie-talkie.  According to, Donald Hing came up with the name walkie talkie because he asked what people could do with it, and they said they could walk and talk with it.  So, pretty much he just put ie and the end of walk and talk. J



How it Works

This paragraph is about how many parts a walkie-talkie has and how they work. According to Keegan and, There are probably more than 6, but there are 6 MAIN parts to a walkie-talkie. It uses a half-duplex signal when a normal cell phone call uses two separate frequencies, on to send and one to receive, for each call while a Direct Connect call uses only a single frequency.  Direct Connect also relies on the proven technology of Push To Talk (PTT), commonly used in dispatch radio systems.  It doesn’t seem like it would take a lot of stuff to make a walkie-talkie, but I guess it does.

Other Information

This paragraph is about how much walkie-talkies are and if there are different kinds of walkie-talkies. According to Radio Shack, walkie-talkies are about $109.99.  That's a lot for some, but I think it's a pretty good price for walkie-talkies.  Yes, there are TONS and I mean TONS of different kinds of walkie-talkies.  I wonder if there’s an intergalactic walkie-talkie! J


Please think about what you’ve read and get a walkie-talkie.  You don’t want to get all tangled up in telephone wires or to keep on charging your cell phones, do you?  You should really consider getting a walkie-talkie.  And to have you do it, I told you about what it is, the history of it, how it works, and a bunch of other information!  Well, THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!