Are you missing a limb maybe an arm leg feet eye etc. Then BIONICS ARE FOR YOU! Read my report to see cool facts about what it is the history development and how bionic limbs work.

What it is

This paragraph is about what bionics are.  Bionics are the coming together of man with machine like the cyborg That is half man half robot but, bionics are more just for certain parts of the body , also there practical and actually real

Will I be able to do all the things the same with a bionic limb.  A prosthesis is never as natural as your own limb, it can help you to do many things quite effectively if you are willi  ng to combine your energy into learning how to use it.


What is Audˇo SMART. According to other, Audˇo SMART, the worldÕs smallest hearing system with full wireless fu  nctionality, is the choice if you want t  op performance with manual control and unlimited connectivity.



This paragraph When was the artificial limb found.  According to Steve Splading at the first recorded instance of an artificial limb was found in Capua, Italy  and is thought to have been created in 300 B.C. Wow that awesome that they could think of that in 300 B.C.

How old they are.  

Use  of prostheses is very ancient. Dental prostheses have been found in Roman tombs. So that means that they found like false teeth in tombs

How it works

How will my bionic limb stay on. According to UK scientists have developed technology that enables artificial lim  bs to be directly attached to a human skeleton. ThatÕs so cool that they can attach it to the bone.

Is it a simple task rerouting the nerves.  According to other,Surgeons basically dissect the shoulder to access the movements of the arm joints like the elbow, wrist and hand. Then, without damaging the nerves, they redirect the endings to a working muscle group. Surgeons attach the nerve endings to a set of chest muscles. It takes several months for the nerves to grow into those muscles and become fully working. At the end you can move your hands thatÕs so cool.

 How is the artificial heart powered. According to an anonymous person, it is powered by electrical energy that is transmitted from a battery across the skin to an internal coil and backup battery. That seems pretty complex.


How do they test bionics. According to they put the cochlear implant (the advanced hearing aids) on cats to test them and to test bionic arm  s they put them on monkeys. That would be so cool to see a bionic monkey.

Who invented prodigits. According to Touch Bionics, a British company that focuses on bionic technology for upper limbs, and is the worldÕs first example of powered bionic fingers, developed ProDigits. I had no idea they even singly made fingers





So thatÕs the development history what they are and how they work.