3,2,1 lift off into space shuttles

By Jiminy Cricket


Extra extra read all about it. Have you ever wondered how the toilet in a space shuttle works well if you read you can find out. And if you want to know if a cockroach can survive space read my report. In article 1 you find how tall and what it costs to make a space shuttle. Article 2 you find the history. And in the last article you find how it works. So come and read to find out all about the space shuttle.

What it is

How tall is a space shuttle.  According to wikipedia. It is 56.1 m. tall wow that is as tall as a skyscraper.

How much it costs. According to NASA's Human Space Flight web site FAQ's, cost @ $1.7 billion US dollars. Wow I wish I had that much money


What happened on one of the Apollo missions? One of the things that Apollo mission did was deposit a cockroach on the moon. During their outward flight, the astronauts noticed a cockroach in their spaceship, but when they returned, the craft was thoroughly inspected by NASA technicians and no trace of it was found. The only conclusion is that it crept out and was left behind. Wow a cockroach really can survive any thing.

How many space shuttles have been made. Six airworthy Space Shuttle orbiters have been built; wow they know how to make things last.


How it works

How do they move the space shuttle without igniting the fuel? According to wikipedia. Before launch the Shuttle Crawler-Transporter moves the shuttle to the launch pad from the Vehicle Assembly Building. If the last landing has occurred at the Edwards Air force Base in California, the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft will have brought it to this building, a 747 especially adapted to 'piggyback' it. At other times, the shuttle is pushed or towed by vehicles similar to those that move planes at airports and only moves at 1 mph. Wow my turtles could move faster than that!

What happens to the fuel tank after separation? They break up before impact in the Indian Ocean wow that is cool it disinigrates.

How does the bathroom work? According to wikipedia. A space toilet, or zero gravity toilets, is a toilet that can be used in a low gravity environment. In the absence of gravity the collection and retention of liquid and solid waste is directed by use of airflow. Since the air used to direct the waste is returned to the cabin, it is filtered beforehand to control odor and cleanse bacteria. In older systems, wastewater is vented into space and any solids are compressed and stored for removal upon landing. More modern systems expose solid waste to vacuum to kill bacteria, which prevents odor problems and kills pathogens. Wow I never thought a toilet could be so complex

How fast does a space shuttle go? According to NASA.gov. Space Shuttles must reach speeds of about 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 kilometers per hour)! Wow I thought my dad drove fast.

How hot does it get in re-entry? According to wikipeda. Wow it gets up to 1,500 ˇC during re-entry on the out side and there is technology that can keep from catching fire wow.

How long does it take to make a space shuttle? According to wikipeda. About 7 years wow that must be why they donŐt make a lot of them because it takes so long and why make more when you can reuse them.




This is the end of my report and so I hope you loved it. I hope you learned about the space shuttle. And so I say good-bye.