By Evil Elf


In the world of the evil elf there are some awesome things like the flying pencil, pen and their assistant the hybrid car. In my world thatÕs the evil elf world you can have any superpower but we are to go down to business, have you every had a question about pencils or pens will all you have to do is go to history of the pen or pencil. Or the hybrid car just go to history and read. PS the flying stuff is a lie

What it is

The WorldÕs Largest Pencil! According to Kedar Misani the largest pencil in the world weighs about 18,000 pounds and is 76 feet long thatÕs about 3 classes long, it has a volume of 1,900,000 regular pencils so thatÕs a lot of pencils one million, nine hundred thousand pencil I can't even imagine it. That's a lot of pencils if you ask me. It contains 4,500 pounds of graphite. The person to build the first largest pencil with a group of people was Ashrita Furman well it said that he wanted to break the world's largest pencil.  This is the best website to find out history of the world's largest pencil.

What Is A Digital Pen? TechTarget once said that the digital pen is a pen that lets the owner digitally capture a handwritten note or drawing. A digital pen comes with a Universal Serial Bus or most people can call it the USB cradle to let the user upload the hand written notes to a personal computer or PC standing for personal computer. The digital pen looks like a ballpoint pen. The thing that sucks is that you need to buy a special kind of paper if the owner will like to it capture what he/her has written, but which can purchased in traditional pad of sticky-note size, the note pad had small dots on it so the pen to "see" what has been written. I wish I had one but had all the paper that I need.


The History Of The Pen! According to World Records the first person who invented the largest pen in the world was Olaf Fuguer, but Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury wanted to break his record so he did Biswaroop built his pen 12 feet long and weighs 10 kg. Olaf Fuguer built his pen 10 feet x 11 inch weighing 8 kg in 2005.  That's really cool and I wonder if you can use it, because it would be very very cool.

The History Of The Pencil! According to Mary Bells the history of the pencil was created by a young man named Nicolas Conte developed and patented the process used to make pencil in 1795. To make this happen he used a mixture of clay and graphite that was fired before it was put in a wooden case. The pencil name came from the old English word meaning 'brush'. Conte's method of kiln firing powdered graphite and clay allowed pencil to be made to any hardness of softness. I think it would be cool if there was a pencil tree house just imagine it.

How Hybrids Save Gas

How The Brake Saves Gas. One way a hybrid gets such good gas mileage is that it is able to recover energy from the car and store it in its battery.  For example, when you step on the brake, rather than waste the energy on heat, it captures the energy and sends it back to the battery. That is so cool that I would LOVE to have one, really wouldnÕt you? PS this might be the picture but if itÕs not IÕm sorry.

How The Engine Saves Gas. Another way the hybrid gets such good gas mileage is that it sometimes just turns off the gasoline engine.  Because the hybrid has an extra power source (the electric motor), it just turns off the gas engine, when it doesn't need it.  For example, when a hybrid is stopped at a red light, the gas engine just quits, and saves gas. Well the engine you see know might be it and might not be it sorry if itÕs not it but thatÕs cool anyways.

How The Wind-Resistance Saves Gas. Another way hybrids get such good gas mileage is by reducing wind-resistance.  When your car is zipping down the freeway at 75 mph, it has to push through a lot of wind (have you ever stuck your hand out the window at 75 mph?).  So hybrids are designed so that the wind flies over the car, instead of having the car push through it. That is so cool just imagine it.

How The Onboard Computer Saves Gas. Another way hybrids get such good gas mileage is because they have an onboard computer that continually calculates how much power is needed.  The computer does a great job of saving gas because you only use gas when you really need it (like spee ding up). That is very cool donÕt you think?

History of Hybrid

Why Did They Invent Them? The reason they invented hybrid cars is because of gas prices and pollution.  As gas prices go up and up and up, it costs like $50 just to fill your tank.  Also, our cars give off pollution that might hurt our earth.  It's something called the greenhouse effect. Well t hatÕs a lot of money donÕt you think?

What Was The First Hybrid Car Called? The first hybrid car was called a Mixed Drive for Autovehicles. I donÕt think that many people will remember Mixed Drive for Autovehicles donÕt you think? PS this picture is Subaru's First just to let you know.


Thank you for reading my report about the flying pen, pencil and itÕs assistant the hybrid car. I hope you have learned a few things about the pencil, pen and itÕs assistant the hybrid car see you never in evil elf world.