The Amazing Double-Camera Device

By Black Tiger


       Hey, have you ever had a normal DS or DSlite? well can you take pictures on it? Can you listen to music on it? Can you go on the Internet with it? NO probably not, but you can now just get a DSI, they can take pictures, play songs, and you can go on the Internet. Yah is that cool or what? If you want to learn more just read my report, ill tell you what it is, who invented it, why it was invented, and lots of other stuff, like how it works.  So, read and enjoy!

What it is

How many colors can the DSI have?  According to 2009 Answers Corporation, in other countries they can come in lots of colors but in the U.S only blue and black but pink is coming soon.

Wow bet you never knew that and to tell the truth neither did I! (At first) well keep reading!

       How much do they cost? According to 2009 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, the Nintendo DSI costs $169.00. Hey that isnŐt that much for some thing that worth it like something that can take pictures and it has internetÉ stuff like that, yah it is so worth it!

       How many cameras are in a DSI? According to 2009 Answers Corporation, 2 cameras are in the DSI one inside and one outside. Wow thatŐs awesome! 2 cameras wow this gadget rocks! Right?

       Where can you buy them? According to 2009 Answers Corporation, you can buy a DSI at pretty much any game store near you. That is awesome wow I might go buy one myself! Check out the next paragraph.


Who invented the DSI?  According to Cha Cha answers Masato Kuwahara invented the nintendo DSI. Wow that guy has a pretty awesome name bet you never new who invented it and I just told you!

       When and why was the DSI invented? According to the DSI was invented in 2009 of the month May or June. That is awesome my birthday is in June and when I first started this report I did not know when it was invented. According to 2009 Answers Corporation the Nintendo DSI was invented because itŐs awesome and when you order it, it ships that day! Wow that is awesome IV never ordered some thing that ships the day you order it, cool.

How it works

What can the DSI do and how is it different? According to Chris Kohler, it can play music and download games and it can take pictures it has a SD memory cart and it has bigger screens. And bigger screens? Alleluia! According to 2009 answers corporation, it can take pictures and you can play music on it and itŐs a camera a normal DS can't do that. And did I mention it has two cameras? I think I did. (:

Can you play DS games on a DSI? According to 2009 answers corporation, you can play Nintendo ds games on a dsi but you cant play dsi games on a ds or dslite unfortunately. I donŐt think that is fair I think you should be able to play DSI games on a DS!


Well, iv taught you how the dsi works, iv taught you the history of it and what it is so now I afraid it time for my report to be done because all the things iv taught you is a lot and thatŐs almost all I know about the DSI so I hope you enjoyed it and that you learned a lot!