Out of this World—Space Suits

By the charming chedder cheese


Buy a space suit with two very easy payments of $99999.99


This paragraph is about who wore the first space suit and when. According to lcd.dover inc, the first space suit was worn on july 20 1969 by neil armstrong.Wow ,did it work?I gess so,he did the moon walk.

This paragraph is about how much doe a space suit is. According to lcd.dover inc, it costs around $2,000,000 , so if you were planning on getting one, dream on, your not!

                                             UNLESS YOUR BILL GATES!!!!!



This paragraph is about how space suit is made. they sew and cement then put metal parts on then that lets you join components.Gosh,thatŐs gotta be heavy,good thing they do most earth training in water.

This paragraph is about how many layers a spcesuit has.

according to lcd.dover inc, the space suit has eleven layers.It must get hot if you wore it on earth.

How Hybrids Save Gas

This paragraph is about how a hybrid saves gas by stepping on the brake.  According to Julia Layton, one way a hybrid gets such good gas mileage is that it is able to recover energy from the car and store it in its battery.  For example, when you step on the brake, rather than waste the energy on heat, it captures the energy and sends it back to the battery.  Getting energy from pressing on the brake?  This is awesome!  It would be like getting money for old toys that you donŐt even want any more.

Hybrid History

This paragraph is about why the hybrid was invented.according to wikianswers it was invented to save gas and to not polute!


The space suit is awesome and the hybrid car is to.