COOL Xbox 360 Report

By: Megan FoxxÕs Brother


Hey all you dudes out there, do you want to go on date with Megan Foxx well now you can sheÕs my sister. So if you read my report IÕll guarantee you a successful date. So if you donÕt believe me look at my name. On my report youÕll learn the history of the Xbox 360 and more, and if you donÕt your missing on the Hottest deal around.



 This paragraph is about who invented the Xbox 360. According to the company Microsoft invented the Xbox 360 with the help of James Allard.

Custom XboxÕs

This paragraph is about what colors the 360 comes in According to the 360Õs come in Blue, Green, Red, Black, White, Purple, Yellow (Homer Simpson version,) and Brown and, Pink. You can custom your 360, but its not cheap.


Xbox Games

This paragraph is about Xbox 360 games. According to a couple of the most popular Xbox 360 games are Modern Warfare 2, Assians Creed 2, Left 4 Dead 2. I love those games.



First Release

This paragraph is about where the Xbox 360 was first released. According to the Xbox 360 was first released in China. They said that they sold about a million of them.  WOW THATÕS A LOT OF XBOX 360ÕS!


Where it was made

This paragraph is about where the 360 were made.  According to the Xbox 360 was made in China, thatÕs also where it was first released.THATS COOL.


XboxÕs First Game

This paragraph is about what the 360Õs first game was. According to the first Xbox 360 game was Halo. ThatÕs a really fun game



The Creator

This paragraph is about the creator of it. According to the creator is the company Microsoft as I said before. THERE PPRETTY SMART.




I hope you like my report BYE!