The Best Night Vision Goggles Report



Have you ever spied on girls?  Did you ever get caught?  Well, if you could see in the dark, you could spy on their conversations and them in the dark, and never get caught.  Have you ever wondered what night vision is and does? Well in this report I will tell you. I could die if you didnŐt read this report. So you better read it ok. I will tell you a bunch of info, like what it is, history, how it works, and some other facts that will blow your mind about night vision goggles.

What It Is

This is about what night vision goggles are.  According to Ricky Lim, they are a helmet/goggles device that you put on your head. I wish I could have night vision goggles!


This paragraph is about what the difference between active and passive night vision goggles is.     

According to Ricky Lim, the active has infrared light. The passive can see light in the immediate area where the person using them is located and then intensifies the person. Wow I think I like passive better than the active!


This is about who invented it.  Wikipedia, the night vision goggles were made by the U.S army. I wish I could make night vision goggles!




This one is about when night vision goggles when it was invented.

According to Copyright, the night vision goggles were invented during World War II. Wow that was a long time ago!

This paragraph is about when night vision goggles were first used.

According to Wikipedia, they were first used in World War II. That was so dang long ago!

How It Works

This is about how night vision works.  According to Jeff Tyson, with the proper night vision goggles they work great. I wish I could afford it!

 How far can night vision goggles see.

According to Jeff Tyson, You can see over 200 yards with the proper night vision goggles. Wow that is 2 football fields.



So did you like my report? I hope you read it. The main ideas again were History, How it works, What it is, and the other cool facts.