What would we do without medical on our side?

By Sunny Day


       I’m going to ask you two pretend questions.  What if your mom was going to die because her liver stopped working? What if your dad was going to die because his heart was failing?  For some people, this is not a pretend question. Thank goodness, there really is a good answer for these questions.  Keep reading if you are interested. I will teach you three things.  First, what organ transplants are, second their history, and finally how it works. I hope you enjoy it.

What It Is

Artificial Heart. According to answers.com, I researched artificial hearts and found some great information. According to answers.com, the artificial heart is a plastic heart that replaces your heart if it is diseased or sick. You get an artificial heart while you are waiting for a donor heart. You can’t keep the artificial heart in forever because it was not designed to be in forever. I found these things to be very interesting. 


What happened when they first started transplanting organs? According to Tom Harris, they first started doing the organ transplants with animals. Then they wanted to do it on humans. But they were not very successful a few failed while they were getting their organs transplanted. Wow I wonder how many failed while getting their organ transplant? But now they are very successful.


Who invented the organ transplant? According to wikipedia.org, There was more than one doctor inventing the organ transplant. In fact it took a long time to get this to work right. It took many numbers of years to get this to work. I think that it is better to wait then to hurry and build it. But the people who were waiting must have a different option.


When was the first organ transplant? According to wiki.answers.com, the very first organ transplant was as early as 1700s. The first successful organ transplant was in 1954. It was in Boston. That is where the Boston Tea Party was. Wow I wonder who had the first organ transplant? I wonder if the transplant was successful? Well as you can see the first successful transplant was in 1954. So anyone that had it before had a failing transplant.

How It Works

What are some problems with the organ transplant? According to Answers Corporation, problem with the organ transplant are rejection and it can't mentally take it sometimes when they are doing the organ transplant. Wow that would hurt. They would be so brave. They are kind of like soldiers because they are brave and sacrifice their lives. And they do it even though they know they might die.


 Where do hospitals get the organs? According to wiki.answers.com, they get the organs from donors who have died but have healthy organs. That is so cool. But I think it would be a little weird to have someone else’s organs in my body. But it would be nice to have it and get better.


What organs can you get transplanted? According to wiki.answers.com, you can get most of them transplanted but if they are disease or have malfunction.  So if they have a disease they are not going to have that in your body. That would make it worse.


What is the longest “waiting list” to get a transplant?  According to Answers Corporation, The longest one in the bunch is the Kidney 74,500. WOW! That is so cool I thought it was the heart. I would have never thought it would be the kidney.  Please see the chart below so you know what I’m talking about…


Waiting list candidates as of 2/1/2008 11:53am

All 98,204 ,

Kidney 74,500 ,

Pancreas 1,615 ,

Kidney/Pancreas 2,272 ,

Liver 16,565 ,

Intestine 226 ,

Heart 2,651 ,

Lung 2,163 ,

Heart/Lung 104 ,

All candidates will be less than the sum due to candidates waiting for multiple organs




What is the shortest “waiting list” to get a transplant? According to Answers Corporation, Wow! The shortest waiting is so short. The shortest one in the list is the heart/lung. WOW! I thought that was the longest but its not. The reason I thought it would be the longest is because you need it. Look at the chart above to see what I am talking about…





Now you what a transplant is, how it works, history. I hope you learned that if you need something transplanted don’t wait. Do it now you will feel a lot better. I also hope you enjoyed my report.



Thank you. Bye.