Walkie while you Talkie!

By Barb E. Doll


       Did you know that Mr. So and So named the walkie-talkies? Well, I didnŐt know that either. So if I were you I would read on to find out who really made up the name for the little things that we still use today that are called walkie-talkies. You will also learn about, who invented it, when, where, and a lot of other interesting facts about the walkie-talkies. Including, The Invention, What it is, how they work, and more info.

What it is

This paragraph is about what push to talk on a walkie-talkie cell phone is, and about what walkie-talkies are. According to Keegan, (library.thinkquest.org) Walkie-talkies are two different devices where two people can talk back and forth to each other from a certain amount of distance. Also, a push-to-talk walkie-talkie cell phone has a button that you press and then you can have instant access to the other person. And the phone does not have to ring for the other person to hear you, you can just start talking and they hear your voice immediately with out picking up the phone at all. Pretty cool, huh?



This paragraph is about the very first walkie-talkie device, where the walkie-talkie was invented, why it was invented, and who invented it. According to Thomas Pretty, (content4reprint.com) The very first walkie-talkie device was the Motorola SCR-300. And it was not handheld it required the user to carry a backpack. According to Wikipedia, the walkie-talkie was invented on the battlefield in World War 2. According to Andrew Portela the walkie-talkies were first invented for military purposes. Now it is time for me to tell you who made up the name walkie-talkie, and who invented them! According to Keegan, Mr. Al Gross originally invented the walkie-talkies. But other sources give credit for the walkie-talkies to Mr. Donald Hings. But Mr. Hings might have only came up with the name "walkie-talkies". Personally I think that walkie-talkies is a pretty good name!


How it works

This paragraph is about how the walkie-talkie works. According to Andrew Portela (ehow.com) Walkie-talkies, in their most basic form, transmit on a frequency from an antenna. The walkie-talkie works on a half duplex channel. Also, on every walkie-talkie there is a push-to-talk button that starts the transmission, and while you have the switch on, only you can talk and everyone else can listen. Now, walkie-talkies come as a small handset that you can walk and talk with--hence, the name.


The Parts

This paragraph is about the different parts of a walkie-talkie. According to Keegan (library.thinkquest.org) there are 6 main parts to a walkie-talkie. They are the transmitter, receiver, crystal, speaker, microphone and the power source. At first I did not no what the crystal was, so I found out. The crystal sets the frequency (also called a channel) that the walkie-talkies are on. The walkie-talkies must be on the same channel to communicate with each other. This is really cool and I had no idea that walkie-talkies could actually be so simple!


Walkie-talkies for kids

This paragraph is about walkie-talkies for kids. According to kaboodle.com, there is a walkie-talkie and a text messenger-all in one. And it is for kids. The kids can send messages back and forth to each other, like "Can you play?" or "Where are you?" The kids can even use them like regular walkie-talkies and then can talk to each other from up to 800 feet away! Whoa, awesome!


Walkie-talkie brands

This paragraph is about the best kind of walkie-talkie brands. According to Martynas Pupkevicius (ezinearticles.com) this website says that they think that Motorola and Midland are good or one of the best brands. I have also heard from other websites that Motorola is a really good brand for walkie-talkies. There was also this one other website where they asked people what brand of walkie-talkies they like, and a couple of people said that they liked Motorola walkie-talkies to. I actually have Motorola. ItŐs a really good brand!


In conclusion, walkie-talkies are a lot cooler than we all thought! I hope that you had a fun time reading about walkie-talkie brands, (and I hope it helped you to!) and Walkie-talkies for kids, the parts, the history, how it works and what it is. I hope that I helped you learn some information about walkie-talkies!