The amazing wonderful world of SETI!!!!!!

By Fajajaja


Do you believe in UFO’s? If you don’t then don’t read my report, But if you do the read my report about SETI. In this awesome wonderful report you will learn, what it is, the history, and you will learn………………………………how it works!!!

What it is

What does it stand for? According to, it stands for search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. This is tototoliy rad-ic-ol. It means, it means, it means, THE’RE FINDING A-L-I-E-N-S, ALIENS OH YEAH THIS IT SO AWESOME WHOA.

The totally rad history of SETI

       Who invented the SETI? According to seti-inst.edc, in 1960 a young radio astronomer Frank Drake sent out a Microwave radio search for signals of life. Awesomeness of awesomeness Frank Drake started the whole Alien search. Awesome coolness.

       Where did he aim the signal? Seti-inst.edc say’s that he aimed it to two nearby stars for two months.

How it works

       How far can a SETI radar signal go? Faq’ say’s that a new SETI radar signal can go 10,000 light years. The old ones could not go that for. They went like 2,000 light years.

       How does it work? According to, the SETI sends a radio signal to a star that has planet’s capable of supporting life. If the signal interferes with other signal’s at the planet then it will be all fuzzy and there you will find life.

The End