ThE MiLiTaRy AiRsOfT GuNs AnD GuNs

By aIrSoFt G33K


Do you know why we have a free country? Well itŐs because of guns. But when you join the military you canŐt just use a normal gun to train soldiers with real guns. You have to use airsoft guns. Do you want to experience war without the chance of dying? Well airsoft lets you do that. It only hurts, but I would rather be hurt than die. Well I am going to tell you about what it is, the history, and how it works.


Is there a problem with guns? (Real guns) According to me, now people use it as an advantage and start robbing banks with guns and they also kill innocent people. That is why I donŐt have guns at my house; too bad IŐm trigger-happy.

Who does airsoft guns help? Thanks to me, again. It helps the military and us. We really need them. Without them we might not be here. But it also caused a problem but thatŐs another story. They train with airsoft guns! (My favorite!!!)


What it is.

What is a hop up? (Airsoft guns) According to, it is something that gives the bb the spin. On a real gun there are grooves to make the bullet spin!

What does an airsoft gun shoot? Airsoft guns shoot 6millimeter plastic bbŐs. that go around 200,300,400 fps. (Feet per second)

Do they use it for military? According to, yes they do and they use it because the metal ones have realistic weight and they look real. They shoot plastic bbs. They don't use the paint ball gun because on a real gun there is no weird blob that carries the ammo. And it has no sights to aim with!

What is a hybrid airsoft gun?

Thanks to, they are basically normal airsoft guns but there are ammunition shells that carry one pellet in a shell. They have one of those caps on the tips in those cap guns so it is makes smoke and a loud noise. Wow itŐs a cap gun/airsoft gun!

What are four bolt-action guns?  According to my smart brains, Kar 98 k, Lee Enfield, and a Mosin Nagant, and the Springfield 1903. These were all used in WWII.

In a bolt action gun does it manually put a bullet in the chamber or does it do it automatically?

 According to, it is bolt action, which means you have to use a bolt manually have to put the bullet in the chamber. Maybe thatŐs why itŐs called bolt-action

How it works

What does a hop up do in an airsoft gun?  According to, it makes the bb spin which makes it more accurate. In a real gun it uses groves to make the bullet spin.

What bullet does the desert eagle shoot?  According to my smart brains, it shoots a 50. caliber bullet. That is what a super powerful sniper shoots. It is the m82 Barrett 50. Caliber.



Now you know about airsoft guns and real guns and how they work the history and what they are!!!!!!!!!!