DonŐt go to the movies, get a home theater!!

By: a`C.D_]


Hey I am going to talk about home theater.   Have you ever wonder why itŐs so expensive, and how you could save some money.   Or where they got the name, the history or the design and why the home theater exists?  Keep reading and find out!


 This paragraph is about Home theater expenses. 

According to The most expensive home theater is 100,000 (Us Money) but there is also the cost of the renovations. For a home theater you need Clear picture, surround sound, a large television etc.  You can make any old home theater, but if you want a really, really good one you need a lot of cash. Who has the worldŐs best home theater, well some would say the richest people in the world and some would say people that make the movies or produce them.    If you want the BEST home theater you need a lot of cash!


Home theater name

This is about the name of home theater.  The smart people at Home theater is sometimes called Home Cinema, or sometimes Home Theatre. Same meaning but different words. Home theater is basically just a better version of watching a movie on your T.V, with your DVD player.  The name Home Theater is a very simple one for it.    Home theater, built in a home, it's a theater.    Its name is simple but common.


This paragraph is about the history of the home theater. Said the Home Theater was Popular/introduced in the 1950's. Home Theater in the 1950's was just a projector and a movie with a wall.     Then there was portable Home Theaters. In the 1980's they developed multi-channel audio systems. In the 90's a normal home theater would have laserdisc or a vhs player to a large screen.     Also there were huge projectors hooked on.    There were a lot of cool things but in this modern day age there is a lot of other things. In the 2000's they started adding High definition (hd) blue ray DVD and much, much more. Home theater is just like anything else things come and go, home theater is getting better and better each year!


This paragraph is about the design of the home theater. According to, Today Home theater (home cinema) design is becoming more and more of an experience.    Now instead of any old movie on the couch, you can move with the movie. Now you can buy home theaters for your backyard.   You just need a good space and nice weather. Home theater chairs have changed over the years, now we have new chairs that move with the movie.    That is the design and it will always be getting better, and better, and better each and every year.


This paragraph is about why they thought of the home theater. According to, they thought of the home theater because if you go to the movies its just too expensive!    Some people donŐt mind the money, but they hate the commercials!     If you get a home theater you can watch a movie in the comfort of your own home!


So you were ever wondering about how you could save money, the name of the home theater, history, design, or why it exists?  I hope this report helped.    Thanks for reading!!!!