TiVo Rocks!(=Tivo Time-o!

                                By: Adrian Peterson!(:


       Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Sit back on the couch, put your feet up, and watch your favorite show. Over and over again. How you may ask? With your TiVo! TiVo is awesome so if you want to learn more about it, read this report, and you will learn what it is and the history. Have fun!(:

How is it Like a DVR?

How is TiVo like a DVR?According to Wikipedia, Tivo is a type of a DVR (digital video recorder).More recent TiVo DVRs can be connected to a computer local area network, which allows the TiVo device to download information and even video programs, music and movies from the Internet.


Where can you buy it? According to http://www.tivo.com/buy, you can buy it at Best Buy, http://www.amazon.com, and right at http://www.tivo.com.


What It Is


What is TiVo? Tivo is like a DVR. You can record your favorite tv shows, save them, and watch them later!


When was it invented? According to yahoo!answers, Michael Ramsay and Jim Barton started their company in 1997 and went public in August 1999.

Who invented it? According to WikiPedia, TiVo was developed by Jim Barton and Michael Ramsay. They probably live in a house 20 times bigger than yours!!!(:

Why was it invented? According to uncyclopedia, a regular guy wanted to record his favorite shows, But he didnŐt want to pay for DVR service. So he decided he would build his own DVR. What is it? Tivo!

Things you didnŐt know

Some things you didnŐt know about TiVo. According to an article, a few things you didnŐt know about TiVo are that you can skip commercials in 30 seconds, watch the election season right away, and you can get season passes. If you buy a season pass, your TiVo will automatically record every new episode of the T.V. show you set it up to record. You can also make it so it automatically copies the file over to your computer.                


So as you can see, TiVo is pretty flipping awesome! Am I right? Yes I am. So if you ever get the chance to, force your parents to get a TiVo!(If you already have oneÉLUCKIEE!!![=) Thanks for reading my report![= BYEE!!![=