What is A Lie Detector?

By R.J Replay


 ÒWhat????? No! I am telling the truth! I promise!!!Ó ThatÕs what a lot of people say when they fail a lie detector test. But there is a lot of history, idea, and thought behind the lie detector because it takes a lot of work to make a machine that can read brain waves! Here are some of them like what it is, the history, and how it works. J

What it is

What is a lie detector?  According to wikipedia, It is just a handy device to help you figure out the truth. Also it looks for changes in things like heart rate, body temp, breathing rate, and things like that but it is possible to pass a lie detector test without actually telling the truth. So DONÕT even try to lie.


How does a lie detector work? According to Howstuffworks.com, they begin with an interview called a C.Q (control questions). Usually the validity of a polygraph or lie detector test is around 90-95%. YIKES!!! I wouldnÕt want to take one of those.


What are some other facts about lie detectors According to wikipedia, a lie detector is also called a polygraph and is used to detected lies to find out what the truth really is. Also, basically for the same reason we do: to find out what the truth is. Wow! These are like mouse traps for liars.




Who in the world came up with this idea anyway???  According to wikipedia, Dr. John A. Larson invented the lie detector in 1921 when trying to create a device that would be both useful and effective to police and others. Also, It was first used by Berkley Police Department to catch criminals whenever they need to question them and really need the truth. I wonder were he got that idea?


        Ok so we know who, but when? And how? According to Wikipedia, no one knows the real date but there are a lot of possible ones, but the most common year reported is in the 1900's. Also, it helps us by figuring out if suspects are lying or not because they could be lying about important information to find people and stop the kidnapers, robbers, and anyone you committed a crime.


How it works

       So how exactly does it work?  According to Howstuffworks.com, there is a little lie the needle, dipped in ink, creates a spike in the drawing. Also, It looks for changes in things like heart rate, body temp, breathing rate, and things like that but it is possible to pass lie detector test without telling the truth. ThatÕs a big job for a little machine.


So why exactly do we use it?  According to wikipedia, to tell if someone is lying or not so we can find the truth and help people. DO NOT LIE!!!!!!! It is not only bad but it is kind of illegal and can hind important information about criminals.





Well, thatÕs my report. I hoped you liked it. So do good things, make good choices, and whatever you do, DONÕT LIE!!!!!!!!! Because every time you do you make someone mad or sad and you donÕt want that, do you? Anyways, donÕt lie because one of these high-tech lie detectors just might pick up the lies. And itÕs all down hill from there. L





Oh and one more thing.

   No matter what. (This is just a bonus paragraph:) I know what it is like when youÕre under pressure. But it doesnÕt give you a reason to lie. It is very, very, very, very, VERY bad and can hurt a lot of people. So help by telling the truth, donÕt hurt by lying