Hey Bob, Your Cell PhoneÕs Ringing!!!!!!!!

By Tim Tebow #15 (GO GATORS)


Are you are tired of staying home and canÕt go anywhere because your home phone rings every second? Well, you donÕt have to worry any more. Introducing, the Cell Phone!!! So I am going to tell you about what the Cell Phone is, the history of the Phones yet to be.

What It Is

What is The Droid Phone, and what is so special about it? According to PCWorld, the first time you pick up the Motorola Droid ($200 with a two-year contract from Verizon; price as of 10/28/09), you'll notice its solid feel and heft--there's a lot going on behind the crisp, 3.7-inch touchscreen. Making good use of Android 2.0's new features, the Droid is a powerful Web surfing and communications tool that has a chance of living up to its hype. The Droid's biggest flaw, however, is in its hardware design: The keyboard is shallow and flat, which can make typing uncomfortable. So if you want one of the coolest Cell PhoneÕs on the planet, then get a Droid.

What are some of the top selling apps for iPhone and Droid? iTunes Store has the top 10 apps, here they are, 1. Live cams  2. Cartoon wars-gunner 3. BATTLESHIP 4. iVideo camera-record video 5. Red laser 6. Doodle Jump-BE WARNED 7. Basic Spanish for Dummies 8. Where's Waldo? 9.Bejewled 2 10. Skee-Ball. Man, those are some really good apps, but my favorite app is Skee-Ball.


Who invented the Cell Phone?. Newstream/Array claims that Dr. Martin Cooper invented the Cell Phone, it was a very smart invention, if there was no such thing as the Cell Phone, My mom and dad could never get their work done, but of course, the Cell Phone has been upgraded scince then, because it was invented in 1973. Man, I donÕt know about you, but IÕm grateful that he invented the Cell Phone.

When was the first call made? According to Newstream/Array, (again) the first call was made on April 3, 1973, and guess what! The call worked, they made the Cell Phone in Bell Laboratory. He called all the way from New York to Bell Laboratory. For a first call on a Cell Phone, that is pretty sweet that it worked, after that first call, it spread around to all the stores, and now the Cell Phone is one of the most popular thing on the face of the earth.

When was the Cell Phone invented? Cellular.co.za.com proclaims that the Cell Phone was invented in 1973 at a Base Station in New York, because Dr. Martin Cooper set up the Base Station in New York with the first working prototype of a Cell Phone. That was a pretty smart of Martin Cooper to do that, donÕt you think?

How much did it first cost and how much did it weigh.  According to Associated Press, The first BRICK weighed 2 POUNDS, offered just 30min. of talk time for every recharge. The Cell Phone first sold for $3,995, chunky and overpriced? Not in their day when consumers lined up in droves to buy the first cellular phone as soon as it hit the stores. $3,995!!! WOW thatÕs a lot of money. (In these days that is)

How old was he when he invented it?  According to Cellular.co.za.com, Martin Cooper was about 70 years of age when he invented the cell phone. Who knew that an oldie would invent a cell phone!!! 70 YEARS OLD, WOW!!!

How long was it since from an idea to an invention?  Cellular.co.za says that if it was an idea in 1947 and it was invented in 1973 then it would be 26 long years of working to invent a cellular phone. 26 years to invent a Cell Phone, DUDE!!!!


Future Phones

What is the Nokia 888 Communicator? Vaid Balan proclaims that The Nokia 888 Communicator is a cool phone that has a flexible touch screen, liquid batteries, and much, much more! (I even bet it will be waterproof.) A waterproof phone, Wo!!!!!!!!!

What is the Nec Tag?  According to Vaid Balan, this is an AWESOME PHONE THAT IS FLEXIBLE. It can go around your wrist, or almost anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A phone that can go around your wrist, now thatÕs what I call AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the Benq Seimens Snaked? Vaid Balan claims that designers thought of woman and what they like and then they presented Snaked. It is a reptile looking-phone and pretty creepy, but is still VERY cool the snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women (like Mrs. Stokes). It has a body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep the fine shapes they like the phone to be in.  I think all women athletes or runners should get that phone. A Cell Phone that looks like a snake, now thatÕs COOL!!!

What is the Nokia Aeon?  According to Vaid Balan, The Nokia Aeon is also a great phone that will probably come out in February. It has a touch screen and it looks pretty cool and it has cool features. IsnÕt it SO COOL!!!



Well, I hope you enjoyed my report on Cell Phones, but before you stop reading, let review what we talked about. First, we talked about What it is, we talked about the history, and last, we talked about all of the future phones.