The search for life forms from another dimension

By Chevy Corvette

The coolness of SETI!

Do you Ever wonder are we the only Life forms in all of space? Well here is a group of people who are looking for aliens called SETI. I am going to talk about SETI the search for aliens. I am going to talk about the history what it stands for and what it is and how it works and how hybrids cars save gas.

What it is

 The Word SETI.  According to SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extra terrestrial Intelligence. HOLLY COW! SETI is a search for ALIENS!


The invention SETI

According to the modern SETI era can be defined as beginning in 1959. SETI was invented in 1959 Wow SETI was invented that long ago!

Who invented SETI? According to

A young radio astronomer, Frank Drake, had independently reached the same conclusion, and in the spring of 1960 conducted the first microwave radio search for signals from other solar systems. Frank Drake invented SETI. Okay so Frank Drake invented SETI.




Thank you for reading my report I hope you read a lot about the history and what SETI is