My awesome machine gun report

By gubberpwn


Have you ever played call of duty with just to pistols it sucks so here is your answer machine gun 

What it is

This paragraph is about military. Military, call of duty  modern warfare 2 , halo, gunship


By Colby Ross 



Call of duty modern warfare 2 came out on 11/10/09.

All the guns on call of duty are the same as modern warfare but are reskinned. They have s.m.g l.m.g shotguns, assault rifles, machine pistols, lock on and free for all rocket launchers, riot shields, akimbo guns, handguns, sniper rifles, and many more.


The acr


Acr is a new modern gun made in 2008 the acr is an assault rifle with many attachments like acog sight, red dot sight, thermal sight, m203 grenade launcher, shotgun, silencer, this gun is used in special ops, and marines.



The g36c assault rifle

The g36c assault rifle is a fully auto machine gun has a fire rate of 750 bullets per minute. The g36c range is 200-600 meters.



  this paragraph is about the history of machineguns.  According to  (the machine gun is a gun that does all the work for you because you donŐt have to keep pushing the trigger. ). the flavor is machine guns can blow up a car



The conclusion is that machine gun can blow the carp out of the people in warfare.