The Xbox 360

By: GOTMILK? 123

The Xbox 360

Hey do you know what an Xbox 360 is? Or what it does? Well in this report I will tell you features, what it is, games, different Xbox 360Ős, And MUCH MORE!!

What is a Xbox 360?

What is a Xbox 360? According to The Xbox 360 is the second video game console by Microsoft, it is the seventh generation of video game consoles one of the features on the Xbox 360 is Xbox live allows players to compete online, download arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities, so if your lazy and you donŐt want to get up and turn of the Xbox you can just turn it of with the controller!!!


What is an Xbox 360 elite?

What is an Xbox 360 elite? According to, A Xbox 360 comes with, 120 GB hard drive includes controller and headset that matches the Xbox 360 elite (black) it was $499.00 cut to $399.00 and right now it sells for $299.00 and now new games are coming for Xbox!!! So all these things I just told you might just make you get an Xbox 360 elite!!!

What is a xbox 360 pro

What is a Xbox 360 pro? According to, the Xbox pro has 20 GB of hard drive, all the features of the Xbox 360 arcade and included a hybrid composite and component cable with optional optical out instead of a composite cable, it also includes a detachable hard disk drive to store downloaded content, provide compatibility with original Xbox games! And you

an buy a hdmi cable, and also its $199.00!!! Maybe you might want to  buy because of the price!

When was the Xbox 360 invented?

When was the Xbox 360 invented? According to about May 12, 2005!!!  So now you know!!!

Why was the Xbox 360 invented

So why was the Xbox 360 invented According to, it was invented to get a head start on Sony and Nintendo!!! So they got a pretty good start!!!


What are some cool games? According to, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, AssassinŐs Creed 2 and Batman:Arkham Asylum are some cool games!!! And I have and played those games and there one of my favorite games for Xbox 360!!!


Some really cool features on the Xbox 360!!! According to, Xbox LIVE is evolving entertainment, in the way we watch, the way we play, the way we come together for fun. Find the perfect game with a free trial of hundreds of titles from the largest library available. Extend the fun of your favorites with Game Add-ons like new songs, levels and characters then invite friends all over the world to connect, cheer and play along. Plus, with thousands of HD movies and TV episodes to watch instantly from Netflix, movie night flickers to life at the press of a button. Connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox LIVE today, itŐs free to join!!! So if you get an Xbox or have one you want to get Xbox live!!!


So thanks for reading my report!!!