The one in a million night vision goggle report

By: The boi who everyone wants to be


Are you clumsy in the dark? Well now there is night vision goggles. This makes it possible to see what an owl can see at night. Night vision goggles can do that and way more. If you read my few paragraphs I wrote, you will get informed so much you will want a pair. Also you will learn about how it works, its history, what it is, and some other facts that will really blow your mind. So just sit back and relax and read my report! I mean the whole thing. So that you get the whole package.

What night vision goggles are.

This paragraph is about how far night vision goggles can see. I read a website on night vision goggles that was written by a guy named Jeff Tyson. So according to Jeff Tyson a descent pair of night vision goggles can usually see to about 200 yards away. ThatÕs a long way. ThatÕs a little less than two football fields. Dang!


This paragraph is about active night vision goggles.  There are two different kinds of night vision goggles and they are passive night vision goggles and active night vision goggles. IÕm going to tell you a little bit about active night vision goggles. According to Ricky Lim, active night vision goggles project an infrared light. The same you will find on a remote or something like that. Wow! Active night vision goggles are amazing! 


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This paragraph is about passive night vision goggles.  This paragraph is written by the same person, Ricky Lim. According to Ricky Lim, passive night vision goggles is a night vision device that can pick up movement in the area immediately.  Wow thatÕs really interesting and really useful!


www.explainthatstuff.comThis paragraph is about what night vision goggles are.  According to night vision goggles is an instrument that produces light in total darkness. It includes sacrificial lenses, IR illuminators, and telescopic lenses. The army uses these things very often. Especially the snipers. Wow you can use that for a lot of activities that you are involved in




The history

This paragraph is about who invented the night vision goggles. According to, the U.S. Army invented the first pair of night vision goggles. But if your looking for a person. One of the big helps of this wonderful invention was named William Spicer. Wow! the military must be really grateful for the wonderful invention.


This paragraph is about when the night vision goggles were invented. According to Dayo Akinwande, the night vision CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100
goggles was invented during the world of war II. (1939 to 1945). It became really popular during the Vietnam War. That is when it came into wide use. Wow, the military must have been happy when it was invented.

How night vision goggles work

This paragraph is about how night vision goggles see in the dark. According to Jeff Tyson ( night vision goggles can see by the heat of the person or the object that it is looking to find. But that is only one kind of sight goggles. It is call thermal image. And the warmer the person or object your looking at, the better you can see the person or object. Wow that is my favorite one.

Other night vision facts

This paragraph is about how much night vision goggles are. According to Ricky Lim, there are a lot of prices. It just depends where your buying it and what kind it is. An okay pair will get up to a couple of hundred dollars and the really good ones can get up to 6,000 dollars. But the third generation ones (the kind of newer ones) can cost up to about 2,000 dollars. So really it has a range between 6,000 dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. That is a good price. I know It kind of sounds expensive but theyÕre really useful.


This paragraph is about what two night vision devices the army uses. According to the two main night vision devices the army uses are called image intensifiers and thermal image. Image intensifying light is based upon available light. Thermal image works by sensing the temperature between an object and the environment around it.  Wow I wouldnÕt mind using any of those two.


What you just got done reading was my research that I found out about. I hoped I covered everything I said I would in my intro. And hope you liked what I did. Now you can go tell all your friends that you know all the main things of night vision goggles and night vision devices. Thanks for your time. ThatÕs all folks!!! J