Football Stars Ride Sports Cars

By D-Dawg


Who likes football stars!? Who likes sports cars!? Then this is the article for you! I mean YOU! Guess what! Football stars ride sports cars! It is so true! IÕm guessing that you already know that (no DUH!!). In this article you will find out about the sports carÕs history, what it is, how it works, and common things for the sports car. Sorry football fans, I am not talkinÕ about anything that does with football. I will die if you donÕt read this! Although football is cool and stuff, you know, I wonÕt talk about it. Just read it.

What it is

This paragraph is about what a sports car is. According to Wikipedia, a sports car is an automobile with two seats, two doors, great acceleration (speed) and awesome handling. It was made also for driving enjoyment. Those sports cars are so cool!

This paragraph is about the difference between an exotic car and a sports car. According to Wikipedia, there are more sports cars made each year than the exotic car because it uses less expensive parts when the exotic car does. So people out there who are rich, buy an exotic car. For people who are mediocre, buy a sports car!



This paragraph is about who invented the sports car, when it was invented, and why. According to Wikianswers, Jack Redersin invented the first sports car in 1921. Why was it invented, you ask? According to Wikipedia, they made them for racing. That's why they are called "sports" cars. Now, they are made for awesomeness.


This paragraph is about when the first car race happened. According to, in 1895, the first car race was held in Chicago. That is awesome!



How it works

This paragraph is about how the sports car works. According to, they made them because "The automobile had tremendous appeal for the sportsman of the [early 1900s]: It was the fastest vehicle at man's bidding, it was new, much about it was unknown. It offered a great challenge," (Ken Purdy said). People in Europe and England. It remained very popular on both sides of the Atlantic oceans. So they were practically made for entertainment in racing because as you know, they were called "sports" cars. It was also made for enjoyment and comfort now. As I said before they are also built for awesomeness.

This paragraph is about the top speed for the 2009 Viper. According to Wikipedia, the Dodge 2008-2010 Viper's top speed is 202 mph. Now that is pretty fast dude.

This paragraph is about the top speed for the fastest sports car. According to, the top speed of the fastest sports car is 257 mph. Now that is really fast!

Common things for the Sports Car

This paragraph is about the most common color for the sports car. According to Pearson Education, the most common color for the sports car is silver (20% of people). I just wish I had a silver sports car!


I hope you liked it. I am still sorry football fans about the ÒFootball Stars ride Sports CarsÓ. So you have learned about common things for the sports car, how it works, the history, and what it is. Hope you enjoyed it! ThatÕs all folks!