You ever heard of World Wars Or Training 

By D Money


Well, we wouldnÕt of had a chance without guns. I bet you have heard about airsoft guns too well if you want to know about that read on. In this article we talk about what guns are, there history, how it works, and airsoft guns.

What it is

How did guns help us? This question I found out from my Mind. Put It helped people win wars . Especially World Wars. But it also caused problems but thatÕs another story. Just think without them we could be serving Hitler.


Who really thought of the gun? Wikipedia says, that first design for the gun was by Leonardo Da Veinci. Who knew?  Not just a painter right.

When was the machine gun invented? Tom Harris tells this one. It was used in both world wars. And pretty much any war since then. So it is a great invention donÕt you say.

Who invented it and when? According to James Puckle invented it in 1718.He called it the Defence Gun. And what happened to the offense gun thatÕs what I would say.

Why was the gun invented?  According to myself or I just figured it out, it was invented to help them win wars. Especially world wars. Like World War 2 witch was important to have guns in. I donÕt think that a sword would much effect.


How it works

How does the gun work, really? Thanks to Tom Harris. He  says that when you pull the trigger a hammer releases. Then the hammer slams into a primer. That sets of propellant. Witch drives the bullet at high speed. I would hate to be on the other end of the gun.

The difference between airsoft guns and guns. Thanks to Mr. airsoft. So the difference is that real guns use gunpowder. When airsoft guns use springs or gas. I wonder witch is faster springs or gas?

Airsoft guns

What is one gun they train with? Thanks to Mr. aisoft. Well, airsoft guns are used to train soldiers. The reason why is that they are very similar to real guns.


The reason why soldiers need airsoft guns. Thanks to wikipediea. What wikipediea basically says is military officers train or simulate with airsoft guns. And they have to act out thing like oh no IÕve been shot. I wonder if you have to take a acting class 

Why donÕt the military use airsoft guns instead of paintball guns? According to Mr. airsoft. The real reason is that paint ball guns do not feel real and airsoft guns feel real. And paint ball guns are harder to feel like it is real. Hmm maybe I should join 





Well that is all I have. I hope you now know about airsoft guns. And guns and how they are all really important. I hope you now know all you can about guns and airsoft guns.