Shotgun machinegun grenade Boom

By Akimbo Cilice


If you like to blow up stuff like me you will love this report this report is one of the best reports ever, I love this report so much I wish it was me, you got to read it, read it, read it, and read it. I will tell you about the history of the shotgun, the machinegun sometimes, and a grenade.


This paragraph is about great history.  According to Dave Coustan. The shotgun is how old. It came in the 1600s. That is old, but it is really awesome to know how old the shotgun is.


This paragraph is about fun history. Patent Storm LLC, What is one of the things that you can shot with a shoot gun that is made of clay, and what is a shotgun offered in, and how big is a shotgun bullet with a blade. You can shoot clay pigeons in the air, but they are hard things to shoot on the move. In 12, 20, 28, 410. The shotgun bullet has a 1 3/4 inch stainless blade. Sweet. Nice. Wow.



How it works


This paragraph is about what the shotgun and the grenade and machinegun do. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia proclaims, it is a little metal thing that you put gunpowder in and you throw it and it blows up. It can kill a tank and more people than I can say. Yep not going by one of those. That is awesome. That would kill anyone fast.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

This paragraph is about how many shots from a shogun can kill someone. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Well it can kill someone in about 1 or 3 shots. WOW I would hate to be in the way.


This paragraph is about the range of a shotgun scoop and the shotgun. Eric Barker, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes there is and there is also a scoop for rifle, but they are no different but one is better. 5.5 mm, or .22 inch. Wow.              


This paragraph is about what a semi and joint service shotgun., Russ Chastain. Well the semi shotgun has been around for years, but it a pump and a slide-action shotgun. That is like my dad's. It is a 12-gauge shotgun and 3.0 magnums with standard 2 3/4 inch ammunition. That is like my dad's. Cool 2 3/4-inch ammunition.


This paragraph is about is there a good hunting gun for coyote and deers. Coyote Hunting, Post Comments (Atom). A good coyote gun is a .223 caliber with a fixed 10x50 scoop on it. An over under shotgun accuracy, of about 100 yards. Wicked awesome dude. That is cool.



So was that good or what I would like to tell you more but I have to go, tonight is Chuck- a- Raman night.  History, and how it works, great history, fun history, range, is there, what it does, and what its like.