The amazing world of video game technology.

                      By: Austin Collie #17 Colts WR


Have you ever heard of all the video game systems? There are A LOT of them, so if you want to learn about them and the history read this report and you will know ALOT more about video games and how they work and what they are.

What it is

This paragraph is about what the handheld video game console is. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A handheld video game is a video game that is portable, lightweight, with games and a built in screen with speakers. So if you like video games wherever you go then you would like the handheld video game system.


This paragraph is about when the pong came out. According to wikianswers. The pong system was invented by Nolan Bushnell with help from al alcorn and came out in 1972. So if you like pong you better be happy Nolan Bushnell and al alcorn where born.

This paragraph is about who invented pong. According to wikianswers. A guy named Nolan Bushnell with help from Al Alcorn created pong. So if you have questions on video games ask these smart and great guys because they will be able to help you.

This paragraph is about when the Atari came out. According to linus at The Atari came out in 1972 and was going to be called the "syzygy". So if you like to play old video games this is a good system that has lots and lots of fun games.

This paragraph is about why they invented the video game system. According to wikiaswers. They invented video games for entertainment or cinema. So if you like to be entertained with video games then this will be the thing you will like.

This paragraph is about what the best selling video game is. According to The video games that are sold most are the Pokemon games for Game boy. So if you like pokemon than you like the most bought video game.

This paragraph is about why they invented the psp go. According to wikianswers. They invented the psp go to make Sony look like a better company. So if you like good companies this would be the best one you could get.


How it works

This paragraph is about what the video game system does.  According to Jeff Tyson. a video game console is a console that helps entertain and sometimes teaches children. So if you like to learn video games can help you learn lots.

This paragraph Is about how a video game works.  According to The video game works by a laser that senses the disk and puts it on the screen so you can play. So if you like to play video games you should thank the companies.

This paragraph is about how the wii works.  According to John Milligan. The wii works from its wireless abilities it has it has the wireless controller that connects to the sensor bar. So if you like wii it is a very good system with wireless abilities.




You will like this just as much as watching a BYU football game and eating a dodger dog because. It tells about the great things video games can do what they are and the history about them.