The wonders of Artificial Heart

By Eri


Have you ever wondered how people survive without the artificial heart when their heart is failing? Or maybe you ask yourself every once in a while what is it? Well I am going to be telling about what it is, some history about it and how it works!

What it is

The valve is... According to wikipedia, the artificial heart valve is a device implanted in the heart of a patient that has a certain heart disease. When a part of the heart valves malfunctions your only choice is to get an artificial valve. Ooh intense, J haha.

The pumps that help out the artificial heart are... According to wikipedia, the pumps are described as ventricular assist devices or for short VADS! They are close to the heart and they help! They are pumps that help out the heart but don't replace it! Hmm pumps in your body… I do not want pumps in me!


 The artificial heart is... According to Kevin Bonsor, the heart is an engine that is inside you that makes everything run. Mainly, The heart is like a pump that helps oxygen and blood circulate.



 The first person to have the artificial heart implanted is... According to Mary Bellis, in 1982 the first person to have the artificial heart implanted was, Dr. Barney Clark! The person who implanted it was William DeVries! Wow I would’ve never new that unless I looked at that good website because I would’ve never been born in 1982!


I know you want to know who invented it (I doJ).  According to wikianswers, William J. Kolff invented the artificial heart and he also made the artificial kidney-dialysis machine! Hey, I think I know that last name, Kolff, no wait I was thinking of cough!



 I know you want to know when it was invented (I doJ). According to Mary Bellis, the artificial heart was in the mid-1950's! That's also when a person named Dr. Paul Winchell patented it! I want to invent something; maybe I could invent an awesome toy!


How it works

I guess I know how it works now. According to Kevin Bonsor, the artificial heart is a sophisticated medical device! But the core mechanism of the device, the hydraulic pump. Hmmm, what is the hydraulic pump J!

I knew you would want more info about how it works. According to the people of the world, the artificial heart is mainly a chamber that pumps blood. The pumping chamber helps prevent blood clots. Also it kind of depends on the artificial heart that’s being used like in this sentence this artificial heart is a, well, I don't know the website doesn't say. Hmm, the pumping chamber seems like it helps out a lot!



So I hope you learned at least 1 thing in my report (you should’ve!) Also you have to remember my 3 main ideas, how it works, history and what it is! Keep breathing J! Um, I guess I better say bye now, bye-bye!