The HDTVÉ Report

By Howard the Fish :D


Are you tired of Regular T.V?  Then get HDTV.  It lets you watch TV in High Definition with out the annoying black bars!  Is that not convincing enough then let me tell you a little more in my report! You will learn What it is, History and How it works!  Read and Enjoy!

What it is

Why do we need it?  According to Tracy V. Wilson, Well I will tell you why we need it! ArenŐt you tired of, Ňoh I didnŐt catch that it was to small!Ó or ŇHey! Why couldnŐt I catch that in a better definition!Ó.   Well you can in HDTV you know what that stands for well I will tell you it stands for High Definition Television!  You know what also you can get Comcast and if you didnŐt want to watch a certain channel in HDTV! Good because Comcast has 2 channels for each one, one in HDTV and the other not in HDTV!


What is it used for?   According to Tracy V. Wilson, Thank you that was a good question well I will answer that question! It is used for the T.V! Just kidding well it is but that is not the only thing.  It is also used for the internet and the phones!  So go buy your own HDTV today!


Why did it hit the Market? According to Tracy V. Wilson, It hit the market because it was useful and a big hit in the marketing world they thought it would work well.  It did so they put it in the market in 1998!  Since then the HDTV has been a been a big hit!  So did I Answer your question? Good!  Then go onto the next paragraph! credit.



When was it invented and Who invented It?  Well According to Tracy V. Wilson, it was invented in 1997 and the guy who invented it has a name of, Grand Alliance.  His company name is NHK.  So there you go if you were wondering who and when invented the HDTV then there you go!  And if anyone asks you this question, ŇWhen and who invented the HDTV?Ó Then there you have it right in front of you, 1997, Grand Alliance.


Why was it better than regular T.V?  Well According to, Howard the Fish aka me, in my own words like usual I would like to give my opinion.  I think it is better because it gives you better view and a good reason to buy it and because I have it I could say a few things like,  my family likes it better because of like a football game you can see it better as long as it is not on then mnt. channel!  And on regular T.V. when you are watching a football game you donŐt really feel like you are kind of there like it looks like and feels like you are in person there! So do you want to watch a football game and feel like it was not worth?  ŇNO!Ó  You want to feel like it was worth it!  So go and buy yours today!


Why was it invented?  Well According to Tracy V. Wilson, It was invented because people thought it was annoying to have black bars in your way when you watched a movie!  So if you go buy HDTV you can enjoy your movie with out the annoying black bars! According to my family we enjoy HDTV because of that reason and more!

How much do people like HDTV?   Well according to Tracy V.  Wilson,  A lot of people do not regret buying the HDTV because they realized that it was worth it to buy it so go and buy your HDTV GO AND BUY YOU OWN!!!!!!!  Sorry itŐs just that I keep on saying that and I feel like you arenŐt going to go buy one!  But with my report I think you might at least be persuaded.  kSo read the rest of my report!


How it works

How many pixels does a HDTV have?  Well According to Tracy V. Wilson, up to 704 x 480 pixels so there you have it HDTV has 704 by 480 pixels.  I couldnŐt have guessed that I mean even when I have it I didnŐt know it had that much! WOW!! ThatŐs amazing!!


Why do we need HDTV?  Well According to Tracy V. Wilson, we need it because it helps us to see the screen better and lets us enjoy T.V. or movies even better!  I would like to tell you a little story and that is I hated T.V. when I didnŐt have Comcast or HDTV  now that I have cable and HDTV my life has been better!

How much does HDTV cost?  According to, The price of a new HDTV is variable. It is a mixture of how much you are wanting to spend versus how much your taste wants you to Aside from that, there are several costs that affect HDTV: A new HDTV will cost anywhere from several hundred dollars  So there you have it!



So I guess you could say I gave you a lot of information and you can thank me now!  I mean I told you, what it is, History, and How it works.  I mean I guess you could say I am a genius!  But I will save you the breath!  So sense you know my report is over I guess I will see you later!