Spacey Space Travel

By: Dolphin


ŇGreetings EarthlingsÓ is this a saying that people use as a joke.   But is it?   Read my report and youŐll find out more than that, such as, what it is, the history, and how it works!

What It Is

What is NASA?  According to, NASA means National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  It is in charge of the USA's stuff do to with airplanes and space.  Wow!!!  Now, letŐs go to NASAŐs competitor.

What is the name of the Russian space agency? According to Wikipedia, it is called Russian Federal Space Agency, it is known as the Roscosmos and abbreviated in several ways (FKA and the RKA).  It used to be called the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.   Whoa!  ThatŐs a long name!

This paragraph is about life in space.  According to Wiki and Wikipedia, you wear a spacesuit in space. They use to have to eat from tube things, but now the food can be stored in a cool room and can be eaten. Eating from a tube that would be gross!

What in the world is a space station? According to Wikipedia, it is a space object that mainly is in space and people work in it. A space station lets space shuttles and space objects land.  It also lets people live in orbit for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years.


This paragraph is about the first space ship. According to, Wikipedia the Columbia was the first space shuttle in the NASA fleet that could go into space. NASA was the first one to invent the space shuttle.  NASA is amazing!

Who was the first person to space travel? According to Wikipedia, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first person to space travel.  His name is awfully long.

Who was the first person to land on the moon?  According to Wikipedia, Neil Alden Armstrong was the commander on Apollo 11, which was the first space thing to land on the moon.  It would be awesome to be him!

When in the world did NASA start? According to Wikipedia, NASA started on October 1, 1958.  That was 51 years and several months ago!

When did the first rover land on the moon?  According to Wikipedia, the first rover landed on the moon in November of 1970.   It was called the Lunokhod and was launched by the Soviet Union.  It set and held the record for 30 years!  (In being the rover to stay on there the longest or something.)  It was beaten only when the Mars rover stuff started. Rovers are unique and are just so fascinating.

How It Works

How expensive is space travel?  According to Yahoo answers, it costs about $30 million or $200,000.  ThatŐs so much money!


You may not have learned if aliens existed or not, but I hope you learned something new while you were reading my report.  Something on how it works, itŐs history, or what it is.