Owl Eyes

By DogPound


Have you ever wondered how cats, dogs, and owls see in the dark so well? Well now humans can too.  Read this report and find out how! You might even learn some things with finding out what they are, itŐs History, how it works, and other cool facts.

What it is

Do they see in the dark really well? According to Jeff Tyson, yes they do see in the dark well! So if you stumble or fall in the dark you need a pare of night vision goggles!




What is infer red light? According to Jeff Tyson, a type of light seen by animals and special night vision goggles! So thatŐs what infer red light is! What do they see, well they see human and animal heat!






Do Snipers use night vision? According to Jeff Tyson, yes they use night vision for night missions and many other things! So if you want to do this http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/4871-top-sniper-night-training-video.htm then go join the military!





How far do they see in the dark? According to Yes Jeff Tyson, they see up to 200 yards! ThatŐs a long way and thatŐs not in a smoky aria or on a cloudy night!


How many military groups use night vision. According to Ricky Lim, general public, law enforcement, and the military. ThatŐs three we know of so go buy a pare!

How it works

How do they work?  According to http://www.just-binoculars.com/nightvision-facts, they are goggles the allow you to see in the dark! So go get a pare if you donŐt you might regret it!


How do they see?  According to Jeff Tyson, they collect light particals and that makes them see! So thatŐ how they work!


Do they see infer red light?  According to Jeff Tyson, yes they see infer red. So they really do see infer red light!


Cool facts

Do they have infer red cameraŐs? According to Jeff Tyson, yes they do they some times use them at schools! So many other schools should get them too!








How long were they?  According to NVESD, They are 17 inches long! ThatŐs pretty long!





So that was my report I hoped that you liked my hard work, in these subjects, what they are, itŐs History, how it works, and other cool facts. Thanks Again!