May I take your organs?

By Mr. organ


Have you ever felt guilty because over 7,000 people die every year while waiting for an organ transplant? Now you can read this report and relive your self of the guilt. Right now sign up now and donate your organs for when you die. In This report you will learn a lot, good and bad and history and what it is and does.      

What Is organ transplant

What is organ transplant?   According to Organ transplant is the moving of an organ from one body to another to save some ones life. You can donate a kidney, cornea, bone marrow, lungs intestines ect. Hopefully I wont need an organ transplant!


when was the first organ transplant and what was it.  According to The first organ transplant was by Eduard Zirm in 1905 and it was a cornea that was transplanted. I’m glad I was not the first to get a organ transplant!!                                                    


What is good and bad

What is bad about organ transplant.  According to to Some of the key areas are the problems of transplant rejection, the body is immune to the transplanted organ, possibly leading to transplant     

failure and the need to immediately remove the organ from the recipient. That is why a lot of people get scared.           what is good about organ transplant. Today, most organ transplants are safe, and transplantation is considered to be the best treatment option for thousands of dieing patients every year.

The “list”

How you get on the list According to tom Harris, In addition to the patient's condition, the team will test the history of drug abuse, among other factors. Donated organs are a rare and precious commodity, so doctors don't want to proceed unless they are confident that a patient is physically and mentally prepared for the procedure, as well as life after the procedure. For the most part, patients who are unwilling to give up unhealthy drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol in many situations, will be automatically disqualified.

How you get on the list #2    According to tom Harris To be included on the waiting list, a patient must first find a transplant team that will treat him or her. The transplant team, a group of surgeons, nurses and other health professionals at a hospital, evaluates the patient to decide whether he or she is a good candidate for transplantation.                                     



I think when I die I might donate my organs.