JThe Awesome Lie detectorJ

By Crystal


If your tired of having people lie to you all the time you have to get the lie detector!!!!! If you get a lie detector your life will be so much better that youŐll want to use it on somebody who always tells lies. This report will tell you all about lie detectors, what the lie detector is, The History, How it works. IsnŐt that so cool!!!!  You have to read it you just have to. ItŐs so great!!!!!! It will tell you a lot about the lie detector!!!!! It so awesome!!!!! Another thing is that I know you want to know the truth from people and sometimes you wish that you wanted to do something to get the truth. So, if you keep reading you can learn about a lie detector!!!!!

What the lie detector is

Is there a difference between a polygraph and a lie detector?  According to Cristian Popa, The lie detector and the polygraph are different because of what they measure. It says that many things can cause heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration. And nervousness and anger, sadness, embarrassment, and fear can be normal facts in our heart rate, blood pressure, or respiration rate. Now isnŐt that cool that there are two different kinds of detectors that pretty much do the same thing can tell if someone is lying or not. I think its cool.


Where and When was the lie detector invented? According to Cristian Popa, The lie detector was invented by John A. Larson. And was invented in 1895 and was created by a lot of people. Wow! Now that looks like it was invented a long time ago. I canŐt believe that someone could create something so advanced.

How it works

How does it work and what does it do? According to Cristian Popa, The lie detector can tell if your lying by analyzing your heart rate increase or your blood pressure rising and your hands are shaking. The lie detector can tell if your lying so people use it to tell if your lying or not because if you are it will shock you. ThatŐs cool! But, you have to be careful what you say or it will shock you.

Why do they shock you and what effect does it have after used? According to Wikipedia, There saying that if they lie it will shock them for a punishment and that way you now they are lying. After you use the lie detector if you have gotten shocked you can get serious injuries. So, you donŐt want to lie to a lie detector, cause if you do you could get a really bad injury.

Where do they use lie detector most? According to Cristian Popa, They use the lie detector in police departments, the FBI, the CIA, federal and state governments, and really private agencies. ThatŐs cool! I didnŐt now they used it in the CIA, FBI.

Is there a secret formula or law that establishes a regular correlation between physiological changes and lying? According to Cristian Popa, There is not such formula or law that establishes a regular correlation between anything like that. So, that would be a no.

Is there evidence that lie detector experts can detect lies at a much faster rate than non-experts? According to Cristian Popa, There is no experts that can detect with a high degree of accuracy when people are lying. So, there is no expert like that. Now you know!

Is there people that donŐt trust the lie detector? According to Kevin Bonsor, There are some people who don't trust the lie detector. Well thatŐs weird.

Is there any evidence that lie detector can actually detect lies? According to Cristian Popa, There is a lot of evedance that a lie detector can detect lies like when a person lies it is assumed that physiological changes can occur in a way that experts can detect when a person is lying. IsnŐt that cool that there is evidence that lie detector can actually detect lies.

       Can you fail a lie detector test? According to Kevin Bonser, Yes, there are the cases of those who failed the test and whose lying was corroborated by other evidence. There are the cases of those who, seeing they are failing the test, suddenly confess.


IsnŐt that such a cool report. Now arenŐt you glad you read it. I mean how would you now so much about such a cool thing. I didnŐt even now there was such thing as a lie detector until someone told me about it.