The AWESOME Military!!!

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EveryoneÕs heard about the war in Iraq.  The US army.  World War II.  Definitely.  But have you ever tried to look maybe a little further.  I mean, thereÕs some really cool stuff in the army.  New things coming out, to beat up the enemy, defend the Nation.  So just read further to find out some awesome things about Military, like what some things in it are, some history, how it works, and how it helps. Read on, amazing person!

What it is

         What are some awesome war simulators?  According to a student, basically, and most obviously, there are at least two awesome war simulators.  Their names are Modern Warfare 2, and Socom.  Simple as that.

         Who had the most most plane kills in WWII?  Well, according to, Erich Hartmann of the Luftwaffe killed 352 other planes, and that's the record, so he's the best air force pilot in WWII.  That pilot must have been awesome with his plane! Also, according to a student, some ranks in the army are General, which is highest, the Colonel, pronounced 'cernel', the Captain, the Seargent, and more.  ThatÕs a lot of leaders.  But I wouldnÕt mind the support; IÕm sure not the best soldier around.

What are some different generations of Glock?  According to some different generations of Glock are 17, 17L, 19, 26, 18, and lots more.  That's just a few.

WhatÕs the most powerful gun on the market?  According to, the most powerful handgun on the market right now is the .50 caliber Smith and Wesson, but it's kind of rare because of the price.  It cost $16,000!  Not a lot of people have that kind of money; you could buy a car with that!



  When were the first planes used in war?  According to, the first plane used in battle was during the Italian war against Turkey in 1911!  If it seems like a long time ago, youÕre right.  Those people must have been pretty darn smart to have started using planes for battle that early.

Who invented the Land Mine?  Also, Wikipedia claims that some sources say the the 3rd century Prime Minister Zhuge Liang is responsible for inventing some type of landmine device.  But this doesn't appear to be exactly true because warfare that included gunpowder didn't even exist in China until the invention of the flamethrower in the tenth century.  Also, landmines were being used in 1277 AD by the Song Dynasty Chinese against an attack of the Mongols, Their enemies at the time.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Who invented the Sniper?  Sure everyoneÕs heard of it, but that doesnÕt mean they know who first thought of it.  Well, according to, the British invented the actual idea of sniping, after they witnessed the game keppers, using camouflage, to hunt.  I wouldnÕt have thought of that.  So there you go; thatÕs the the history of Military.

How it Works

How can a grenade work/be made?  According to Tom Harris on, one of the ways to make a grenade is to fill a bottle with flammable liquid, and cram a rag inside.  Light the rag, and you have the Molotov cocktail.  Throw CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95
it, and on impact, it'll blow.  Pretty simple.  Have you ever wondered what approximate weight of a grenade is?  Well, according to some guys on Wikipedia, an Obsolete Hand Grenade weighs 16 ounces.  ThatÕs pretty light!  And thatÕs how much grenades weigh, and how they work!

How it Helps

 How do Silencers help in war?  According to a student a silencer quiets the gun, so itÕs easier to sneak up and kill the bad guys.  Pretty good for when you need to be quiet.

How has the tank improved over time?  Also, according to, basically Joseph Hawker is called the "father" of the modern tank because, in 1872, he patented a vehicle with a likeness of a tank because he patented the 'propelling a road locomotive employing an endless flat linked pitch or other chains passing round the rims of the main moving wheels.'  Also, in 1903, the Levavasseur project described an armored vehicle.  Then, in 1911, an Austrian engineering officer designed two tank designs.  And finally, a guy named Burstyn designed a tank with a suspension, and armed with one gun on a rotating turret.  This is a design similar to the modern tanks today.  And thatÕs how the tank improved over time, by ME!


So there you go.  I, the amazing researcher, have told you all about Military.  But thereÕs still more to know.  And more sites to look into.  IÕve just shown you a little sliver of all the information out there.  So go on, move forward.  Military really is pretty awesome.  Thanks for reading!