The IncredibleÉ Medical!

By The Owlcity fan!


 What would happen if you where having a heart attack and if you did not get to the hospital in 3 minutes, you would die. What if you needed a doctor and they were all on holidayÉ Forever? That is why we have medical. Read more and you will `learn more about what it is, the history and how it works!


What It Is?

This paragraph is about what an organ transplant is. According to an organ transplant is moving one organ from one personŐs body to the next. Like if someoneŐs organ is infected or is having problems they get someone or a dead persons organ that is the same, they can replace it and have a new organ. WOW I am glad I live in the 21st century.


The first type of organ. According to the first organ that was discovered to be able to transplant was the kidney. How am I not surprised!

The first organ transplanted. According to the first organ that was ever transplanted was the kidney. Wow kidneys must be really popular.

How It Works.

The longest wait for an organ transplant. According to the longest wait for an organ transplant is a kidney. Know I know we talk about it a lot but apparently it is popular for the transplants.


All 98,204 , Kidney 74,500 , Pancreas 1,615 , Liver 16,565 , Intestine 226 ,

Heart 2,651, Lung 2,163 , Heart/Lung 104 ,


 How much does an organ transplant cost? Topic Sentence.  According to, in 2007 the cost of a kidney transplant is 246,000$. Just a single lung transplant was about 658,000$. Wow pricy I am glad donŐt need one.


 Face transplants. According to, Scientist have had a thought for a long time the idea of moving a deseeds organ and replacing it with a healthy organ. The problem is that the human body is not friendly with the foreign tissue. The immune system is like an army constantly on guard and fighting the invasion of the bad valerian, viruses or other bad substances. When the tissue from the donor goes into the body, the immune system army is going into battle. White blood cells attack and destroy the unknown tissue in a process know as a rejection. Wow that is a pretty big process.


Donation.  According to, the doctors get their organs from the doners. Or they get it from someone who has past away. The problem with organ transplants is over 100 die from it because no one will give up their pride and donate their organs.




The Problems. According to the problems with an organ transplant is that if the body does not respond to the new organ, it will cause the organ to get infected again. Also if the surgery is not carefully handle and the organ put in the right place, this could cause the patient to black out or maybe even die.


 So what did you learn? Something at least. ArenŐt you so grateful for medical? Well I am anyway.

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The Incredible Medical