One shot one kill is the sniper motto for war machines

By rocky


You hear a loud boom next thing you know they is an war going on. And you are not even 3 miles away. You hear airplanes, tanks, guns and other military stuff. Then you wake up all of sudden and find your laptop on and looking at this report. That talks about military stuff like what it is, its history, and how it works, and last but not lest how fast the fly, fire etc. ItÕs tells you how the U.S.A military has improved and other content, countryÕs military has improved on weapons so come on lets get started.   

What it is

Well will learn what is the f-15 and what is the longest-range rifle. says. The f-15 is used for mission for high and low altitude strikes on enemies. The f-15 is a cool aircraft that first took off in 1972 it is a awesome aircraft it has a tracking and targeting so it can target land and air without even looking down on it. It can be armed with a variety of air weapons to take down aircrafts. It has a awesome tactical navigation system built into it. it is a cool aircraft in 1972. The Army has approved its new long-range .50-caliber sniper rifle, the M-107, for full materiel release to Soldiers in the field. These weapons I would not want to get hit by. They are very cool weapons for the military in 1972 and 2008.  





We will learn about who made the airplane possible. Wikipedia says. The first successful, manned, powered, controlled and sustained flight, 259m, according to the Federation Aeronautique International and Smithsonian Institution. Every flight of the aircraft on December 14 and 17—under very difficult conditions on the 17th—ended in a bumpy and unintended landing. The last, by Wilbur, after a flight of 59 seconds that covered 852 feet (260 m), broke the front elevator supports in 1904. So the Wright brothers Wilbur flied the airplane and made it possibly. So if the Wright brothers didnÕt build the airplane we wound not have want we have right now in the preasant the airplanes we have today.


Today we will talk about the m-40Al sniper rifel. says. The M-40A3 will fully replace the M-40A1 by October 2004, said Staff Sgt. Jesse L. Bier, the project and field officer with 1st Marine Division.

So it means that the M-40A3 will totally replace the M-40A1. This sniper rifle is a very good one when it was 2004. But its not 2004 its 2010 baby. They now have very good hi-tech machines.


We will learn what features the AGM-130A have. says. Carrying forward the modular concept of the GBU-15 guided weapon system; the AGM-130A employs a rocket motor for extended range and an altimeter for altitude control. The AGM-130A will provide a significantly increased standoff range beyond that of the GBU-15.

 This weapon is equipped with a television or seeker data link. This allows the pilot to see where the missile is going it also has better standoff range beyond the GBU-15. We are lucky to be protected by the U.S.A and live in it.


Today we learn about what is the EA-6B. says. The EA-6B Prowler is included in every aircraft carrier deployment. The EA-6B's primary mission is to protect fleet surface units and other aircraft by jamming hostile radars and communications. The EA- 6B is an integral part of the fleet's first line of defense, and will remain so well into the next century. As a result of restructuring DoD assets in 1995, the EF-111 Raven was retired, and the EA-6B was left as the only radar jammer in DoD. Five new squadrons were stood up. Four of these squadrons are dedicated to supporting USAF Aerospace Expeditionary Force wings.

The EA-6B is used to Carrie units and other airplanes. It also is to help defend the units and also help other aircrafts out. This was done in 1995. It also helps fleet surface units by jamming hostile radars. ThatÕs pretty cool back then and how it could jam hostile radars that is a strong airplane.

How it works

Today we learn about what weapons to military airplanes have. Military aircraft routinely drop 500 pound bombs and even 1,000 pound bombs. Imagine a 30,000 pound bomb! SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots can now look, lock and launch on an enemy target in the blink of an eye The B-1 Lancer isnÕt just another aircraft. Because for all its sleek good looks, itÕs a heavy bomber that can go a long way to put bombs on target.

Military airplanes have tons of weapons these are some weapons some airplanes have. Bombers can drop bombs up to over 1,000 pounds. And other ones can shoot missiles. That is very impressive aircraft can hold that much pounds.


Today we will learn about how does a sniper rifle work. says. One shot, one kill" is the sniper motto. Accomplishing this would not be possible without the specially modified rifles used by snipers in the field. A sniper rifle such as the M-21 or PSG-1 in the hands of a highly trained sniper can be a deadly weapon from more tha n a mile away. Army Ranger Sniper used an M-21: "It was a military M-14 with match-grade upgrades -- hollowing out the wood, fiberglass-seated receiver, different trigger mechanisms and optics."

a sniper works by having a trained army man to be a sniper. If you want a sniper rifle they can cost form 8,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars. They cost a lot if you want your sniper to be as evection as it can you need to have a match-grade upgrade. ThatÕs pretty cool how a sniper works. We are lucky to live in the U.S.A.

What are three robotic vehicles? says. The proof of concept demonstration included three robotic vehicles. The first was Scout, a rough-terrain vehicle that travels at up to 20 mph using preprogrammed navigation and obstacle avoidance. The Scout controller can issue voice commands to people it encounters through its Phraselator.

ŅScout has up to 57 pre-programmed languages and can issue such police phrases as Ōhalt, drop your weapon,Õ etceteraÓ Captain Meana said. ŅHowever, we hope controllers will be able to speak directly through the Phraselator in the future.Ó

The Mobile Detection and Response System is another robot. It provides area surveillance and detects threats, with Scout acting as an interceptor.

The third robotic vehicle, called Matilda, is a small-scale, tracked vehicle that can be carried on MDARS. Matilda provides reconnaissance in limited-access areas, including under vehicles, aircraft, and inside buildings. These robotic vehicles are so cool like the scout found in intruder trying to get unotheraid information. And when he did obey he got out an m-16A2 rifle controlled at a safe location.


What can the C-Master Clobester III. The C-17 Globemaster III is the newest, most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the airlift force. The C-17 is capable of rapid strategic delivery of troops and all types of cargo to main operating bases or directly to forward bases in the deployment area. The aircraft is also able to perform tactical airlift and airdrop missions when required. The inherent flexibility and performance characteristics of the C-17 force improve the ability of the total airlift system to fulfill the worldwide air mobility requirements of the United States. The c-17 is the newest cargo airplane for the airforce. It can drop and pickup units and drop tanks and other land vehicles. It is the most flexibly aircraft for cargo in the U.S.A. and it has strong armor. This is such a cool cargo aircraft for the U.S.A airforce. This is an awesome aircraft from the U.S.A Air Force that is very cool indeed.


We will learn are they really replacing the Humvee in 2011. says. ŅThe Humvee A2 is a great vehicle, [but] it has outlived its usefulness,Ó said McConnell. ŅWe have added very capable armor to the Humvees in Iraq. But for every pound of armor you add, thatÕs a pound less capable the vehicle is. We have done a lot of modifications to the vehicle, and itÕs at the end of its capabilities. There is just no more you can do for that vehicle.Ó They are going to replace the Humvee. In 2011 they are developing a new future vehicle to transport marries safely and have better combat. That is cools

How fast they fly, how fast guns can fire and the facts on weapons


We will learn how fast did the black bird fly. says SR-71 Blackbird 2,293 mph world speed record. The fastest jet aircraft in the world. It went over 2,000 mph that faster then the sound of speed. This is a very fast vehicle. Well it was the fastest airplane until the new one came out but. It doesnÕt mean itÕs a good airplane.


Well will learn on how much pounds of a bomb can a airplane carrie. says. Military aircraft routinely drop 500 pound bombs and even 1,000 pound bombs. Imagine a 30,000 pound bomb! They can drop very very heave bombs on cityÕs and Warfield. Like 500-pound bombs and most likely 666-pound bombs they can carrie a lot of bombs.


Well will learn on what is the AGM-103A  used for. says. The AGM-130A is a powered air-to-surface missile designed for high- and low-altitude strikes at standoff ranges against a variety of targets. It is used for mission for high and low altitude strikes on enemes. That is a very good missile I forgot if it is used in the present or past.


Well will learn what is the fastest aircraft. says. X-15 4,520 mph world speed record. Fastest manned aircraft. Not only is the North American X-15 the fastest piloted aircraft ever, it is the highest flying. The X-15 was launched from under the wing of a B-52. Thrust was obtained from one engine that produced 70,400 lb s. at maximum altitude. Click here to read more about the X-15,  see the pictures and hear its roar. so the fastest aircraft in the world is the x-15 that can go up to 4,520 mph. ThatÕs a very fast airplane see this is the airplane that replaced the blackbird in second.



So did you like my report on military machines. Was it fun to learn on what it is, the history of it, and how it works, and last but not lest how fast they fly, and other stuff. If you liked my report and want to learn more go to and type in military machines.