Tanks make the world go round

By l33t Super Hakzorz



HEY YOU!  Have you ever wanted to learn more about tanks Well in this you can tanks are fun (until you blow up the house XD) just have fun and read this page to make you l33t super smart! You will learn some nicknames for tanks, some history of tanks, and then you will learn how they work!

What they are!

This is about the Tank.  Tanks can drive like a car and can shoot like a grenade launcher! (woot!!! Boom!!!) Now that you know what they are ill tell you more names for them.  According to Adam Gorlick Some nicknames for the tank are "Black Magic" and "Deathstalker".  Dang Deathstalker sounds DEADLY!!  Now donÕt you want to read more about tanks!

Tank history!

This is about the largest tank.  According to www.battle-fleet.co  m. Maus is the name of the largest tank design ever built. Designed in 1942 by Ferdinand Porsche under direct order from Adolf Hitler. Wow the same guy that invited the hybrid Car in 1902.

This is about the First tank.  According to www.battle-fleet.com, the first prototype tank was made on September 1915.  They where first called "water-carriers" which was then shortend to tank.  Dang that was a long time ago!

This is about the fastest tank. Dbkp.wordpress.com says, this one tank has clocked at 200mph one time and that is the fastest speed a tank has ever gone.

The most powerful tank.  ItÕs the moment youÕve all been waiting for! According to someone on wiki.answers.com There is a tie for the most powerful tanks in the world and they are the M1 Abrams the other is the German Leopard II.

There is all the history of tanks that I have.

How tanks work

 The positions in the tank. According to www.thortrains.net a crew of a tank has four to five possisions in it.  Commander is someone who guides the tank and tells the crew where to go and what targets to shoot. Gunner is someone who aims and fires. Loader is the person who maintains and loads the bullets.  Driver the person who drives the tank.  Radioman (or sometimes taken over by commander) would communicate with other tanks or units.  These are all very important possitions.  Wow five people to run one tank.

 This is about the air conditioning.  According to Cbs, the Leopard C2 tanks do not have an air conditioning system and well that is probably really hot.  Wow that would be so hot in that tank!

This is about the cameras. www.firstworldwar.com says Ōso the Ripsaw which is a name for a tank has cameras all the way around it and sends it to a control room. Where the driver can see all around him.Ķ

This is about the weight.  According to A&E television network, most tanks weight 68.7 tons.  Almost 69 tons!!! Wow that is a lot of weight.

How many fit?  According to en.wikipedia.org, they hold 3 to 5 just enough room for each person that is needed to run/protect the tank




HEYYOUAGAIN!!  ThatÕs all have so lets go over what we just did.  We went over what tanks are, there history and we even went over how they work. This was l33t Super Hakzorz weÕll see you next time folks.