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By: H2O lover… brother is Water…sister is CokeCoCola… Mother Sprit …Oh and my dad, Root Beer. 


         Hey you… yes you the one looking at your computer monitor right now.  Have you ever heard of a Dsi? Well have you ?  I’m waiting for your answer.  Well since I can’t here you I am going to tell you all about them.  Did you just say that you already know about the Dsi? … Don’t fool around with me, I’m warning you.  All of the things I am going to tell you about the Dsi include… What it is, History, and how it works. Enjoy. I said enjoy. Thank-you.

What is it?

What can the Dsi do? According to Beststuff.com The Dsi has two cameras, it can download music, and you can play games on it!!!  Wow that’s so cool.

Is it really an iPod to? According to Put Beststuff.com it has a sound application, which lets you download edit and listen to music. Hey mom I want that!!!


Does it come in a protective case?  According to

 Jake’s Q&* Blog It does come in a protective case so that it looks fancy and so that it does not get damaged. Oh…that’s cool.


Can you text other people with it?  According to ask.com you can message other people with the Dsi but the have to have a Dsi to. Or at least a Ds. So technically yes. Man is there anything that it can’t do.



Does it come with pieces for the camera? According to ask.com… No the Dsi does not come with the additional pieces for the camera. If you want to pay an extra $l70 then you can get a few pieces. $170, are you kidding me that would take me a 6 months to earn maybe more.


Can you play Wii games on a Dsi?  According to Beststuff.com u can't play Wii games on a Dsi it is Virtually impossible. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!


How do you edit with it? According to my friend that has a Dsi all you have to do is go into the chat room and you can Wright a message and then edit it by clicking edit and it gives you all kinds of choices.




When did the Dsi come out? According to ask.com the Dsi came out in America on April 5th. 2009. Wow that sounds like it came out forever ago.


Did Sails take off quickly? According to Brian Ashcraft The Dsi launch has been successful, with 300,000 sails so far. Big numbers are good.


How many people in the U.S.A have a Dsi?  According to www.ask.com about 93% of Americans currently own a Dsi. Really I thought that this was the new thing. Well it is but They put on so many Television commercials that the word got out and a lot of kids got excited about them so a lot of the kids got one.


How many games work on the Dsi?  According to www.gamerblips.dailyrader.com………… Only Ds and Dsi games work on the Dsi or the Ds it really doesn't matter. Wait I just remembered that you can also play game boy games on it. Whoohooo and Awww man I thought that other games work on the Dsi to…and whoever asked you about the Ds I thought that this report was about the Dsi. Well never mind that. Read on.





How it Works…

How do you take pictures with it?  According to my Best friend who already owns a Dsi all you have to do is select Camera and then your press the right top button to take a pictures. Wow that is so cool Hey I want one of these. They are so cool.







I hope that you have enjoyed my report on the Dsi. I’m still waiting for your answer. And if you have no idea about what I am talking about then go back and read the intro again. What did you just say? I hope that was a complement. You know, I like you. We should catch up some time I’ll start. My favorite color is blue I have one dog and two cats…………….On and on and on.