Big explosives!

By That Kid


Get down get down! A nuclear missile is approaching just kidding. If you want to learn cool info about what itÕs  like itÔs history how it work and other cool facts then youÕve come to the right the only thing we donÕt do is sell them and the history is not so boring.

What it is

WhatÕs a nuclear bomb affect like.

According to It is an explosions the produces both immediate and delayed destructive effects that sounds pretty dangerous they probably have to get someone really smart the build a nuclear missile.


Which is the best nuclear missile.

According to The atomic bomb is the strongest nuclear weapon in the world Albert Einstein made it he is the first man to create the biggest chemical reaction in the world.


WhatÕs a nuclear weapons delivery?

According to It is almost the same as a nuclear attack but it is just a short name for it so if some says were going to make a nuclear delivery don't think it is any different.





WhatÕs a cruise missile?

According to A cruise missile is a jet engine of rocket propelled missile that flies at low altitude so it's kind of on of those toy air plane that fly really close to the ground.


Which is the worst nuclear attack. According to Michael Montagne the worst nuclear attack was the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack they used the atomic bomb and he atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a criminal act the number of people killed were About 100,000 each time. This was about the same number of people who had been killed in each of the various thousand plane raids on various German and Japanese cities.


How much warheads were built in 1956 and 1957.

 According to the amount of warheads made were 151,000 in the year 1956 and 1957, who knows how much one-war head cost I wonder how much and who would pay for it.


What is the Number of nuclear tests in the Pacific? According to The number of test in the pacific is 106 The I bet the only reason they are doing it in the pacific ocean because it is the deepest ocean in the world so it will not create so much damage if they even test the biggest nuclear weapon there.




How it works

WhatÕs inside of it?  According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Thermal radiation, prompt ionizing radiation so you have to be careful if you are making one of those things or you might harm your self and every one else that are in the same building that you are in so don't go mess in around by it.


Why did they call the second nuclear missile fat boy?  According to waging they called it fat boy because it was fired at Japan and the Japanese called that because the Japanese were mad and the American so South Korea said they had detected a tremor consistent with those caused by an underground nuclear explosion. The country's yon hap news agency reported that the North had test-fired three short-range missiles from a base on the east coast immediately after the nuclear test.


Why did they call the first nuclear missile little boy/ trinity. According the They called the first nuclear missile little boy/trinity because the first place that they fired at was in New Mexico and they wanted it to have an Spanish accent so it would remind them of were they attacked but the place that they tested it was in Manhattan but they fired it in New Mexico in it's desert.





Well now youÕve learned what IÕve learned about nuclear devices youÕve learned what it is itÕs history and how it works.