This is my little friend the tank so say hello!

By: Riodawn 


Why do you not want a tank? I donÕt know why.  They are huge.  They blow up stuff.  So, why donÕt you want it? In my report you get to learn about the totally sweetly fantasticaly fantastic TANKS. You will learn stuff like the history about them and some awesome facts and donÕt forget about the M1 Abram tank (if you donÕt know what that means, which you donÕt, read my report!)


Who invented the tank? Is what this paragraph is about.  According to no one knows for sure. They thought that a few different people could have invented it. Like the British and by the Royal navy. Wow some people think it was Winston Churchill they could be right but they could be wrong itÕs a mystery the world or unidentified objects will never know. 


What is the oldest tank well I will tell you.  According to an old newspaper written in 20/11/04, ItÕs a 1917 Mark V. It was first used in battle on July 3, 1918. That would be cool to watch how they did it would be like a show about military tanks.

M1 Abram tank


This paragraph is about the M1 Abrams main battle tank. According to The purpose of this tank is that it will fire on any vehicle and destroy it while it protects it's crew in battle. But destroy any fighting vehicle in the world while still protecting the members in the tank. How cool would it to be like sort of indestructible.


It would be cool to shoot in weather thatÕs what this is about. According to in any weather, day, or night it can work using it's firepower. So this would be so cool while most things wouldnÕt work in water but not this Tank.


When did they test the M1 Abram? According to they started testing in 1976 they started and they actually used it in February 1980. I like how it is in February because my birthday is February 8, 1998 so thatÕs pretty close it rocks.


How many crewmembers does the M1 Abram tank have? According to so a crew of four is how many members is on the M1 Abram.  That would be so awesome to be in a tank because now you can really blow stuff up because you have to yahooJ


Every one wants to know what the people do in the tank. According to The driver sits by the turret (the gun part) while the loader, gunner, and tank commander occupy the turret (the big gun) with the loader to the left of the main gun with the gunner and tank commander on the right side. So which job do you want to do? I think I would want to be the gunner I like shooting stuffJ

What can


How many people can be in a tank at a time?  According to Jimmy Wales the tank can have three to four crewmembers I think itÕs because the tank weighs 62tons so I bet with tons of people on the tank it couldnÕt move very well. And also because there would not be enough room for everyone.


Can a tank have video cameras to see where the enemies are? According to,  The Ripsaw, which is a name for a tank, has cameras all the way around it and sends it to a control room. Where the driver can see all around him. How cool would that be to see all around you to know where you are.

Is there a tank that has guns in it or with it? According to Jimmy Wales at wikipedia/antitank to let you know atgms means guided missile or anti-tank guided weapon but the answer is yes. The anti-tank has gun and it has a range of 400m. But with the ATGMs can engage targets at the range of 3,000m of more but not without their drawbacks. That is pretty cool other tanks can usually only reach up to 200m but not the anti-tank.

Which would win an airplane or tank? According to Jimmy Wales at wikipedia an airplane would win because a tank wouldn't be able to hit the airplane when it's straight up. The tank can only shoot what is straight infront of it like other tanks. That would be lucky for the airplane because if the tank can shoot straight up that airplane would be in trouble.

Can a dog be used to help with explosives?  According to Jimmy Wales at wikipedia yes dogs are used but they tried to teach the dogs to go and drop the bombs off but it never worked the dogs would die in the process. But they did use the dogs to drop the bombs off at the anti-tanks. An anti-tank is a better weapon than the tank it comes with GUNS. How fantasticly fantastic would that be to have dogs help you in a war. The dogs grab the bombs from the tank but itÕs sad that the dogs usually would dieL

What is a better weapon then the tank? According to Jimmy Wales at wikipedia The anti-tank is. It has missiles and autocannon, which means it, has something larger than a machine gun pretty much. So it would probally win in a war against a normal tank like the M1 Abram or a German tank. That would be so sweet I would defiantly want to use one of these.



That is my report I hope that you liked it.  Tanks are really cool some people just like them because they blow up stuff (which rocks) but the problem with that is they donÕt know how many cool facts there are about tanks like how far a tank can shoot. So after reading my report I hope you will like tanks a lot more and for you to some time go on the Internet and find some cool facts about them.