Organ Transplant Ewwwwwwwwwww!

By *JA Pop Princess ManJ*


Do you need a new organ or one of your loved ones? Well if you do you will be so thankful that there is such a thing as organ transplants. In my report I will tell you about the “list”, some history, how it work, what it is, and the patients. I bet you can’t wait until you get to learn about some cool and some gross stuff.

The “List”

How do you get on the so called “list”? According to Tom Harris first, you must find a transplant team.  Second, the people at the hospital observe the person to see if they're good to get an organ transplant.  Third, the doctors don't just judge their physical condition, they also judge their attitude, and if they abuse drugs or not. This is how  you get on the “list” please make the list go faster and donate because the “list” is probably more than a mile long.


In this paragraph you are going to learn about what is about the number of Americans on the  “list” for corneas.  According to, the number of Americans on waiting lists for corneas averages as high as 5,000 at any given time. I think they need more corneas, don’t you? You should be a donor for life.

The Sad Patients

How Young are most of the sad patients and in other countries is there more organs then here?  According to, almost 10 percent of the patients that are waiting for a liver transplant are people 18 years or under. It could be like people at Northridge Elementary. I learned this on, in most countries there is not a lot of suitable organs for transplants. There are special doctors for transporting organs I don’t want to see that.


Do you want to know about what time period did lots of kidneys save lots of lives?  According to Tom Harris, finally in the early 1950s several kidney transplants gave new life to ailing patients. This is the  best part about medical is knowing it gave new life’s.

How it works

What helps the heart, lungs and other stuff and can livers and kidneys be transplanted from a living organ? According to Tom Harris, for problems with the heart and the lungs and other organs, a transplant is the course of the last resort.  I learned this from Tom Harris, kidneys and livers could be transplanted from a living growing organ. That would be so gross to see.


Is transplant medicine one of the most challenging medicines and what is the obstacle doctor and patients now face? According to, transplant medicine is one of the most challenging and complex areas of most medicine. If you don’t do the exact you will die so if you ever try to feed anyone you better take a class! According to Tom Harris, the obstacle doctors and patients now face is the demand for transplants has far surpassed the supply of donated organs.


What are some organs that can be transplanted?  According to, organs that can be transplanted are the heart, kidneys, liver, and most other organs like blatters. It is gross I know but it is what you need to do if you need a new organ.

What it is

Why is organ transplants so important and what is the purpose for it?  According to, the reason it's so important is because a little over a dozen people die each day while waiting for an organ. That right there is your reason. According to, the purpose of replacing the damaged or gone organ is for more people to live. You should love people so love this.

I have got question, what is an organ transplant?  According to, an organ transplant is the moving of an organ from one body to another. Wow how can you do that? You go to an amazing doctor and they help you.


I hope you said EWWWWWW because then I did a great job. I know you know now about what it is, how it works, some history, the sad patients, and about the “list”. Hope you like my report. Bye, bye.