May I transplant your organs?

By **JPop Princess ManJ**


Do I have your attention?

Organs are gross. But, you can transplant them. If you read this report will teach you about Organs. The history of organ transplants, also the waiting list. Last, but not least patients.


What is the most needed organ?  I learned from, Lesley Harding, the kidney is the most needed organ.  The others are livers, and lungs.  But there are many more organs needed.



When did scientist start thinking about organ transplants? I read on tom Harris’s website, scientist started thinking about organ transplants about 60 years ago.  They were getting really frustrated I mean really frustrated. They call it a scientific break down.  I have never had a scientific break down. Have you?



How many bone transplants were performed in the U.S. 1999?  According to, UNSO scientific registry, More than 1,000 bone transplants were performed in the U.S. in 1999.


When was the first successful kidney transplant? According to how stuff, the first successful kidney transplant was in the 1950's.  After that they learned how to transplant other organs.  Today most organ transplants are successful. I think that there were many more kidneys transplanted after that.




The “List” L

Do you need to get on the “list” or somebody you know?  According to Tom Harris, first, you must find a transplant team.  Second, the people at the hospital observe the person to see if they're good to get an organ transplant.  Third, the doctors don't just judge their physical condition, they also judge their attitude, and if they abuse drugs or not.  So if you need to get on the “list” or somebody you know. You know what to do.


79,000How many people are on the “list” and how many people are added a year how many minutes? According to,, many people are on the waiting list.  Over 79,000 people are on the waiting list. But there are still people coming. Nearly 3,00 people are added to the waiting list for organ tissue a year. Every 13 minutes another person is added to the waiting list. So this tells us that a lot of people are on the waiting list.  And there aren’t enough organ tissue donated.


How many people dies a day waiting for organs how many minutes?  I learned from, 16 to 17 people die waiting for organs.  Such as hearts, livers and lungs but the most kidneys. Every 96 minutes another person dies waiting for a organ. So if you were wondering how many people die a day just waiting for organs now you know.

How ole are the patients waiting for a liver transplant?  I read on, 10% of the patients are 18 and younger for a liver transplant.  Livers are just one of the organs needed donated.  There are all kinds of organs needed donated.


EWWWWWWWWWWW!  That is what I think you were saying at my intro.  From this report you learned about the patients history the “list”. And organs