and the cool speedy Hybrid Cars

By somebody who does not live in China


    Do you like cool guns and violent police forces? And awesome hybrid cars. Then you should read my awesome report about S.W.A.T. history and guns and bulletproof vests and hybrid cars and the hybrid car parts and MORE!


Who was the last member of the first S.W.A.T team? According to John Kroll, James Gnew is the last officer from the first swat team, which was made in 1987. WOW! S.W.A.T. has been around for a long time.

Who was the longest serving S.W.A.T. officer in America?  According to John Kroll, There is a possibility that James Gnew is the longest serving swat officer in the America. WOW! James Gnew must be really old!

What is another way of saying bazooka?  According to, another way of saying bazooka is a man-portable rocket launcher. I really never knew that until I read it on

What are bulletproof vests made of?  According to, cushy vests that are made of many layers of woven material or laminated material and can have the ability to protect the person wearing the vest from small caliber handgun and shotgun bullets, and small pieces from explosives like hand grenades. Metal plates can be sed with a soft vest, giving the person wearing the vest protection from rifle bullets, and tightly woven material layers can give soft armor protection from stab and slash attacks from a knife. Cushy vests are commonly worn by police and swat officers, secret citizens and secret security/bodyguards; also hard-plate reinforced vests are mainly worn by combat soldiers, police tactical units and hostage rescue teams. WOW! ThatŐs a lot of different things!


How Hybrids Save Gas

How does a hybrid save gas by stepping on the brake? According to Julia Layton, one way a hybrid gets such good gas mileage is that it is able to recover energy from the car and store it in its battery.  For example, when you step on the brake, rather than waste the energy on heat, it captures the energy and sends it back to the battery.  Getting energy from pressing on the brake?  This is awesome!  It would be like getting money for old toys that you donŐt even want any more. That was very interesting.

How does a hybrid save gas by reducing wind-resistance? According to Julia Layton, another way hybrids get such good gas mileage is by reducing wind-resistance.  When your car is zipping down the freeway at 75 mph, it has to push through a lot of wind (have you ever stuck your hand out the window at 75 mph?).  So hybrids are designed so that the wind flies over the car, instead of having the car push through it. That is AWESOME!!!

How does a hybrid save gas with its fancy on-board computer? According to Julia Layton, Another way hybrids get such good gas mileage is because they have an onboard computer that continually calculates how much power is needed.  The computer does a great job of saving gas because you only use gas when you really need it (like speeding up). THATÉ. WASÉ. AWESOME!!!!

Hybrid History

Why was the hybrid was invented? According to Julia Layton, the reason they invented hybrid cars is because of gas prices and pollution.  As gas prices go up and up and up, it costs like $50 just to fill your tank.  Also, our cars give off pollution that might hurt our earth.  It's something called the greenhouse effect. That is very good reasoning.

Who invented the hybrid car and when (and what they called it). According to, Dr.Ferdinand Porsche invented hybrid car to the development of first commercial hybrid engine. This first hybrid car from the company, Lohner-Porsche used a petrol engine, rotating at a constant speed to drive a dynamo, which then charged accumulators. The first hybrid car was a Porsche. That is REALLY COOL!!! 

How a Hybrid Car Works

What does the electric motor do? According to Julia Layton, A hybrid's electric motor is very sophisticated.  It has really cool electronics that allow it to be a motor for the car and a generator for the battery.  So, when it needs power for the car, it gets it.  When it needs electricity to re-charge, it gets it. The gas for a hybrid car must last a long time.


The end of my report. Well folks, thatŐs all for today. So now you know pretty much all I know about S.W.A.T. and hybrid cars. So GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!