The Amazing Machine Gun. 

By Lolly-Pop


Hey you, yes you! Have you ever wanted to buy a machine gun, but you donÕt know how much they cost? How about the youngest person to shot a machine gun? Do you want to know when the first machine gun was made? You say you already know. Well if you say that the first machine gun was made in 1883, YOU ARE WRONG. So read my report to find out. I will tell you about the History, How it works, and How much it costs. Do it right now or else I might die!



This paragraph is about who invented the first machine gun.  According to Wikipedia James Puckle        invented the first machine gun. He named it the Puckle gun.

This paragraph is about when the first machine gun was invented.  According to Wikipedia the first machine gun was invented in 1718, see I told you it wasnÕt invented in 1883.

This paragraph is about where the first machine gun was built. According to Wikipedia the first machine gun was invented in England. That is far away. DonÕt you think?

This paragraph is about the job James Puckle had when he invented the machine gun.  According to huntingsociety among first known ancestor of multi-shot weapons was created by James Puckle, a London lawyer. Can you believe that?   James Puckle was a London Lawyer. Amazing. (This is not James Puckle.)

You will learn about what the machine gun is made out of. According to Wikianswers machineguns can be made out of metal, wood, plastic, and rubber. Wow that is a lot of stuff.

This paragraph is about how young, and what is the name of the youngest person to shot a machine gun. According to nearorama at the age of six, Miko Andres from the Philippines was the world's youngest competitive shooter. He was only 6 years old that is young.


How it works

You will learn about how much force they have.  According to Wikipedia the Minigun is a 7.62 mm, multi-barrel machine gun with a high rate of fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute.

You will learn about how the machine gun works.  According to Tom Harris when you ignite gunpowder, it burns rapidly, producing a lot of hot gas in the process. The hot gas applies great pressure. Than the air in the atmosphere applies on the other side. This propels the cannonball out of the gun.

This paragraph will tell you if historians count the machine gun as one of the most important technology. According to Tom Harris yes historians count the machine gun among the most important technologies of the past 100 years.

How much it cost and where you can get it

You will learn about how much they cost.  According to experts presently the least expensive machine guns generally run a couple to several thousand dollars, while the more popular models can easily reach the $10-12,000 range.

You will learn about where the best place to get a machine gun is.  According to nearorama the best place to buy a machine gun is at Dick's sporting goods here in Atlanta. In Atlanta!




So did you read it? If you say now I might die, I spent a lot of time on this report and you didnÕt even read it. How could you!

For those of you that did I thank you for your time. Thanks for reading.