The way, very, cool, awesome, super                                   DSI!     


By: lollipop lily


Hello have you ever wondered what the dsi is or how it is so cool, awesome and so much better than a ds. Do you ever think why would you buy a dsi that is more money when you can buy ds for less money? Well my report is going to teach all about that, history, how it works, what it is and way more!         


Who invented the dsi and when? According to Masato Kuwahara invented the awesome and so cool dsi. According to the dsi was invented in about May or June in 2009. Wow that was only about a half a year ago.

Why did they invent the dsi? According to wiki answers The Nintendo DSi was invented to lure unsuspecting victims not knowing its inherent restrictions into purchasing it. A couple sales later and bingo profit.


How it works

How is the dsi different from the ds? According to yahoo answers…

~It has downloadable content (like on the wii)

~It has internet (you can even check your e-mail!)

~You can send photos to people.

~It has a card slot for photo memory or you can put an SG card in filled with your music and use it like an ipod.

~The speaker quality has been upped.

~The screen size has been increased.

~And it weighs less, and is now smaller.

Can the dsi play game boy games? According to yahoo the DSI can't play game boy advance games.


Is the dsi wi-fi better then the ds? According to yahoo also, the Wi-Fi capability is much better, it can go farther than then the DS and it does not crash down as easily when using it like the normal DS.

What it is

How much does the dsi coast? According to A dsi costs 170 dollars.


How many cameras are on the outside? According to there are 3 mp cameras on outside of the dsi.


What does the dsi not have? According to there is no gba slot on the dsi so you can’t play things like guitar hero.

Is the dsi screen bigger then the ds screen? According to yahoo The Nintendo DSi has a wider screen than the normal DS.


Thank you for reading my report on the dsi, I hope you enjoyed the facts on the dsi, hope that you learned a lot about the dsi and that you liked the pictures.