HOME THEATER! Looks fun to learn about!



YOU THERE! YES YOU! Hello weird people I am going to talk about HOME THEATER!!! Ok I am writing this because YOU NEED TO LEARN! Ok so I am going to tell you a little bit of home theater I know you like to watch TV. Well 1080p means that there are 1,080 lines of resolution. Oh and if you want to learn more about home theater find out now!!!

Resolution line

The talk about home theater thing. LOOK!! There is a lot of talk about 1080p being the "Holy Grail" of high definition resolution. 1080p represents 1,080 lines of resolution scanned sequentially. In other words, all lines are scanned in progressively, providing the most detailed high definition video image that is currently available to consumers. HOME THEATER IS SO AWESOME and you better choose to be home theater or else bad luck your whole life! But like I was saying please choose home theater its really cool.


The freaking awesome home theater

This right here is so awesome!

This is a home theater and you donŐt need to go to the theater you just need a home theater and thatŐs all you need. Just go to this website and you will learn a lot about home theater and you can go to other websites and tell you more just do that ok if you want to cause I really like home theater so here is one of them. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/home-theater-roundup.htm and blah blah blah something something blah oh and there is another one that is better I think it tells you every thing I think but you will see ok so you better read it ok ummm I think thatŐs all folks http://hometheater.about.com/od/televisionbasics/qt/1080ppitfall.htm