Talkie While You Walkie!



       Have you ever been a situation where you just NEED a walkie-talkie? You probably havenŐt. Or have you ever wondered about walkie-talkies, like how they work? Or what they do and donŐt do? Or who uses them? You probably donŐt even care about walkie-talkies, BUTÉ you should. Before you read this article you will know NOTHING about walkie-talkies, but after you will know everything. So read this article and it blow your mind awayÉ seriously. In this article you will learn about who uses them, whatŐs on them, what the y do, how much they cost, some of itŐs history, and very interesting facts!!

Who uses walkie-talkies


This paragraph is about who uses the walkie-talkie.  According to Keegan ( Walkie-talkies were first widely used by the military. Police officers and fire fighters were the next group to start using walkie-talkies. Now, all sorts of civilians use walkie-talkies too. Custodians, clerks, repairmen, snowplow drivers, and all sorts of workers use them on the job. Lot's of workers use walkie-talkies so they can contact each other, from a far distance firefighters, the military. But now lots of people use them either for work or play. WOW a lot of people use walkie-talkies!! You should try them.


How much it costs

This paragraph is about how much walkie-talkies cost.

According to Mark Anders, these days, you can find two-way radios for as low as $20 and up to $250. Usually the list price is for a pair of radios, but always check to be sure. In general, the more you spend on a radio, the more features, durability and greater talking range youŐll get. Just $50 should get you a radio thatŐs plenty good for most ScoutsŐ uses. Now you can find walkie-talkies for the lowest price at $20 or usually the highest you can find one is for $250. WOW thatŐs amazing the lowest is ONLY $20 bucks! Cool! 


Parts of a walkie-talkie

This paragraph is about what parts walkie-talkies are made of.  According to Keegan, There are 6 main parts to a walkie-talkie. These items are the transmitter, receiver, crystal, speaker, microphone, and power source. The transmitter sends your voice, after it has been made into a radio signal, to the other walkie-talkie you are communicating with. The receiver picks up the radio signal that the transmitter from the other walkie-talkie sent. The crystal sets the frequency (also called a channel) that the walkie-talkies are on. The speaker is the part that takes the signal picked up by the receiver and amplifies it, so it can be heard. The microphone is the part that you speak into, and it converts your voice into electric signals. Holy Cow!! ThatŐs cool.



How it Works.

This paragraph is about how the walkie-talkie works.  According to Aki, A walkie-talkie is a two-way radio transceiver. It is hand-held and portable and was originally developed for use in the military. It has a half-duplex channel. In other words, only one radio transmits at a time. The transmission commences when the push-to-talk switch is pressed. The antenna of a walkie-talkie sticks out of the top. A walkie-talkie has a built-in speaker which can be heard by the user himself or herself and other people in the immediate vicinity of the user. Hand-held transceivers are used either to communicate between two walkie-talkies or vehicle-mounted stations or base stations.


I hope you had a very good time reading this!! I also hope you learned a lot of new stuff! THE END. Bye.