Indestructible TANKS!

By Queen Elizabeth the 4th


       Have you ever wondered how tanks work?  What is inside them?  Who drives them?  How comfortable are they? These are all wonderful questions that I have wonderful answers to.  Keep reading for more.

What it is

I am going to tell you about the parts of a tank. According to, the parts of a tank are, Hull, Glacis Plate, turret, Bogies, Idler, Return roller, Track, Engine compartment, Hatches, Gun Mounting, Travel lock, Periscopes, and Field Phone.

Weaknesses and strengths of a tank

This paragraph is about where to hit on the tank.  According to, a good area to hit on the tank is its tracks and wheels.  It is a weak spot because it immobilizes the tank so it can't move.  It can still shoot, but its target is stationary.

         Where tanks work best.  According to, the tank can move and work it's best in open and sparsely-wooded terrain (A place with very little trees).  They are much less effective

Interesting facts about the tank

This paragraph is about the tank crew and their positions.  According to, a crew of a tank has four to five positions in it.  Commander is someone who guides the tank and tells the crew where to go and what targets to shoot. Gunner is someone who aims and fires. Loader is the person who maintains and loads the bullets.  Driver is the person who drives the tank.  Radioman (or sometimes taken over by commander) would communicate with other tanks or units.  These are all very important positions.

How fast can a tank move.  According to, the tanks now a day have a speed of 25 miles per hour. That is not very fast at all.  It is like a car driving on a school zone.

Are tanks comfortable?  According to, No! Tanks are not very comfortable at all.  I would never want to serve in one.  A tank is the most uncomfortable armored source ever made.  Wow I never would have guessed it wasnÕt comfortable.

This paragraph is about an infantryman's best options for handling enemy.  According to, an infantryman's best options would be: air attack by jets, helicopter gunship, artillery, call in his own army's tanks, or use bazookas.

Tank destroyer

I am going to tell you how big the tank destroyerÕs weapons are. According to, the tank destroyer's weapons where either towed or self- propelled.  All towed weapons where 3 inchÕs wide.  The self-propelled tanks had 3" 76mm or 90mm missals attached on the tanks chassis.

What is a tank destroyer?  According to, the tank destroyer is a tank that is light and fitted with heavy guns.  They use it to ambush other tanks.  The tank destroyer was a economical thing, since they were cheaper to make than true tanks and allowed an otherwise smaller vehicle to pack more of a punch.


This is my wonderful report about tanks! I hope you enjoyed it.