Who wants to play? Station?

By Payton manning


Anyone know what time it is?  Anyone got an expensive watch?  How about a grandfather clock?  If you want to find out what time it is in style (and fast), you need to buy a PlayStation. In this report, you will learn history and how it works.  Then, because I like you, you will learn about hybrid cars (itŐs a bonus).  YouŐll learn how they save gas, hybrid history, and how a hybrid car works.  Ha ha ha ha .


This paragraph is about when they announced the PlayStation.  According to PSU, it was announced in 1991. I think that that is cool because that is only 7 years until I was born.

This paragraph is about when they actually made it. According to Mary Bellis, it started in 1988.  That is cool because It tells you about when the playstation history started.


How It Works

This paragraph is about how you can hook up your PSP to your computer. According su.playstation.com is says you can hook your psp to your computer. to Put research (in your own words). Add flavor, baby!

How Hybrids Save Gas

This paragraph is about how a hybrid saves gas by stepping on the brake.  According to Julia Layton, one way a hybrid gets such good gas mileage is that it is able to recover energy from the car and store it in its battery.  For example, when you step on the brake, rather than waste the energy on heat, it captures the energy and sends it back to the battery.  Getting energy from pressing on the brake?  This is awesome!  It would be like getting money for old toys that you donŐt even want any more.